June 2, 2011

Not a happy camper (please read)

So recently I was just stalking my friends on facebook (as per usual lol) And I stumbled across a friend's post about a creep.

Yeah I felt for her, but I was sure she was just ranting, because she is definitely not the "I must have attention by feeling sorry for me" type.

Another friend (or so I thought he was a friend) basically said that it was her fault for dressing that way.  What bothered me even more was the fact that he took sociology!

I take offense to that, because sociology happens to be one of my passions.  (why I didn't stick to it as a degree, I didn't like the type of jobs it offered in the future =/ I don't see myself as a couped up person ^^;)  To see someone argue in the name of sociology should make me happy.

But here are the reasons why he makes me laugh and mad at the same time.

1.  He accused a friend telling her it was her fault for dressing provocatively, which I think is absolutely ridiculous because everyone deserves to be left alone.  Even if she was naked.

2. He goes off on tangents of the theoretical concept of reality, religion, country, race that has little to NOTHING to do with the fact that IT'S NOT OK TO BLAME SOMEONE WHO'S BEEN VICTIMIZED.

3. He kept on ignoring people with a strong argument and picked on people who didn't have strong verbal skills.  Which also is ridiculous, because not everybody is good with English.

4.  Then he changed his reason to saying she's a victim because she feels that way.

I don't think I'm his friend anymore.  I DO NOT believe in his way of thinking.
I'm very passionate about this subject.  Because sometimes, some of life's hardest tasks is to get over the feeling that you've been a victim.

More serious situations, where not only women, but men and children become victims.  They are powerless to what happened to them and sometimes they get defiled even lose their life.  Nobody asks to go through that, and nobody should have to.

Again I need to stress that it is NOT okay to give the attacker or the predator an excuse for his action.

Because in the attacker's mind, their victim wanted it.
Haven't you heard of " well if s/he didn't want it, then s/he shouldn't have gotten drunk"

People need to start realizing and standing up those who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
This could be a family member, friend, co-worker, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.  It could even be you.
I don't want to sound corny, but the sad truth is that it could happen to any of us.  We need to stand up and be there for our loved ones when it does.