August 27, 2010

Nails: polish and sparkle!

Hey I just thought of something, I've been doing mostly skin care and such, but I'm also a big nail art junkie!  why have I not talked about nail stuff?  I know fail D=

But in anycase, I'm pretty picky about nail stuff.  I haven't gotten any new polishes or anything lately and here's why.

The only polishes I've ever liked are O.P.I.  Not to sound like a prude or anything, but everytime I tried something of the drug store equivelant, it turned into a disaster.  It was streaky, blotchy, hard to dry, and not very pigmented unless you used 3+ coats.

Maybe I xcore fail at putting on nail polish and it has nothing to do with the polishes.  But in that case why would I pay near the same as a good quality nail polish only to have major trouble applying.  I mean shouldn't it be kind of easy if the price is going to only 1-2 dollars off?

I don't know why I picked these up, but they were really inexpensive and the colours were something I haven't seen around (where I live without costing $10+)  So nothing really to lose right?

and here it is


I'm not too sure when I'm going to use the muted yellow, but it's going to look cute anyways ^__~
Not only do they apply beautifuly, they're also pigmented!  The brushes are definately what you pay for. 
I bought these 3 for $10  Through surprisingly, the stiff brush works out.  It distributes the product evenly across my nail bed.  So I only need 1-2 strokes per nail (possibly 2 coats)

The next thing is a trend I've been seeing this year, which are massively sparkly nails.  So here is the 2nd item


I found these in a pack of 4 at my local Michael's.  I almost got hooked into buying the Martha Stewart set which was over $40 D=
Mind you they were alot bigger, but I didn't need that much.  I think these were a much better quantity. 

August 23, 2010

blonde or not blonde?

I just realised that after so many years of debating whether I wanted to go blonde, I should have just gone for it.  I mean I didn't look terrible in my natural hair colour...but somehow it didn't look too nice.  It made my features so much more sharp and noticeabley misplaced I guess you could say.

I mean compare pre blonde

and post blonde

I think the blonde gives me a better complexion that's not that too harsh.  the colours that make up me work better together.  It even kind of makes my eyes stand out more!  X3 oh man I can't believe I didn't go blond sooner~

I just hope I don't look back a few years later and wonder why I did it.  I know we all make mistakes with our choices.  But sometimes when we take a big risk it pays off..sometimes it blows up in our faces.  here's hoping that when I look back to these photos, I don't horrify myself XD;;

It better be worth it.  My experience with bleachig happened to be on the more extreme side >__>
it took 6-7 hours mang D=  At the end of it I wiped my stylist of bleach x__X;;
and it still wasn't enough.  I had to go back again for a touch-up

I was also afraid of going too blonde and REALLY killing my hair.  I remember when my bf had his hair bleached when we were younger...LOL He told me he went to a crapy hair place... whew glad I didn't skimp out on my hair!  His hair was dry and hard and that left me a little (alot) shaken about going too blonde.

Luckily my hair stylist said that I could go a shade or two lighter and my hair would still be fine.  =) Lucky I think I do want to go lighter. X3 it's been looking good for my complextion so far! 

August 15, 2010

prepping back to school hauln' (pic heavy ish?)

I've been trying not to buy more small trinkets and junk into the home, but @__@ with school coming up, I realised I don't have anymore school supplies.  >__>;; haha call me crazy but I do enjoy shopping for stationary and cuteness!

The next thing has nothing to do with school, but I got something I normally wouldn't get.  I ordered online ( actually did a lot of online shopping for some reason) and I ended up getting a rock & republic blush in call me XD ahhh it's sooo pretty!

It a really soft peachy rose colour that I think is very appropriate for fall and even winter.  It's very pigmented and I think it will last for a really long time.  Plus I know this shouldn't matter, but the packaging is so detailed! 

And last I got some more euricin stuff.  I liked the night cream so much, I bought the rest of the line.  Here's hoping these don't break me out either!

August 10, 2010

Daiso Goodness ^_^

So I'm recently going on this gyaru craze.  I mean I've bleached my hair willy nilly, I've really turned my wardrobe around and my makeup style is terribley different.  I always thought it would be so difficult/ expensive to change my style completely.  Well it kind of is, but I was surprised to find these accessories!

Oh Daiso, you are too dangerous @__@ everytime I go there I gotta leave with something~

August 9, 2010

Haul time~

So my bf came back from his vacation and he brought me back a little something X3
First of all I'd like to say I think it's funny how he had to go asia to get me a viva glam cindy ^^::
For serious, I'm starting to get annoyed with MAC; I went to their store and asked for the viva cindy and the girl very politely said that they sold out, but if I wanted to be on their mail list, they could contact me.  They never did D=

Anyways~ onto the hauulll <3

While he was in singapore, I asked for some dolly wink stuff.  I would have thought that it would have been cheaper.  But no...aparantly they were super expensive D=
>___< but I've been hearing so many raves on their liquid eyeliner and eylash glue that I couldn't not ask ;___;  Also he got me some solid perfumes and a bust lift XD;;
Ok I'm too young to use the bust lift but I thought it would be good in a year or so.  Preventing is key right?

BAM close-up of dolly wink XD

August 8, 2010

product fail timmeee =)


I've been meaning to do this a while.  I'm actually fusterated with this because I have so many.  The reason being that I bought this when I first started my interest in skin care aka when my natural youth glow stopped ~__~ lol

But anyways continuing on why I have so many.  I got this when bath and body works wasn't in Van so I went on a trip to the States and I was overwhelmed with all the scents you could get in a lotion.  Well that was just unheard of @___@

There was also the deal they normally have that if you buy however many you get that much free.  So I ended up getting 6 of their signature collection body lotion. 

For the first two months I LOVED the stuff.  Not only did it help make me smell amazing, it was pretty moisturizing.  But at that time I only moisturized my arms lightly.  So I'm stuck with a giant amount first of all.  When I decided to try to use more by lotioning my whole body after a shower (like you're supposed to lol) I noticed it was gross! 

It took forever to sink in and while I had to wait (I'm not a patient person at all) I still had to do things.  I got lotion everywhere!

Also I'm still learning the science behind skin care and found out the reason why they're so inexpensive.  It may sound great that they use mineral oils and vitamins, but first of all, the amount of vitamins are very low.  Second of all the alot of the mineral oils just coat your skin to "lock" moisture in.  It sound pleasing until you realize it's trapping alot of other garbage your skin is trying to expell.

So as much as I was trying to use it up, I think it's time for me to face my mistake and throw the bunch out T__T;