October 26, 2010

Review time! ( Etival Ener-C)

So ever since my facial, I've been exfoliating more regularly, which has been working out great by the way X3  But the fact that I've been taking off dead skin cell, means the layer underneith is brighter, leaving my face to appear much MUCH lighter than the rest of my body.  So I've been wanting to try a brightening serum.  I was in shoppers and just asked the cosmotisian.  She recommended ETIVAL laboratoire Ener-C, brightening serum with multi-pro and vitamin C ester

Let me say that it was over priced D=
Also it didn't work miracles ~__~;; not even close
I mean it did do the job, but at around $40 canadian (tax included) for 30 mL, I don't think it worked very well considering.  Yes, it did give me a temporary fix and I think over a period of time and it did give my skin a brighter appearance (slightly) lol

It also says that it's supposed to firm the skin too.  Ok that I did not see at all, unless they mean for you to continue using after one bottle.  But that wouldn't make sense because then why would they make the bottle so small?  To look less expensive? D=

The texture is not like other serums I've tried.  You know most serums kind of look semi-transparant, and have kind of a liquidy consistancy.  This was white (like a moisturizer) and had a more stiff consistancy (like a moisturizer lol)
In the ingredients it did say it had alot of different type of citrus related products, but I'm not sure if that was enough to make it like a serum I'm more accustomed to.

Overall, it was an ok product, made some difference to my skin, but not enough to be worth that price.
I think I that was fair wasn't it? =D

I would some of their other products if their cost to effect ratio was a little better~

October 25, 2010

D= what's wrong with my mixpod?

hey can anyone tell me why most of the songs I put on my mixpod won't work? D=

October 23, 2010

New look to blog ^__^

Wheew I finally got the motive to make over my blog (but not really) I was just curious as to what blogspot had to offer in terms or pre-made creativity. 

And what I mean is that not everyone has the time or the patience or the brilliance to do some of the things webmasters can create (terri lol)
No matter how much you both hate ccs or html nesting @__@ in the end they'll have a work of art, I'll have a blank page with broken codes lol

But it turns out blogspot does give you quite a bit of freedom in what you can do with your blog!
Everything is kind of dumbed down for us common fold XD

I remember on live journal, I had to find out the exact code for a colour I wanted and that meant finding a good colour generator @__@ pain in my behind no?

This theme may be a tad late, but I love it X3

Can you cheap out on great hair?


However I'm leaning towards no, especially with my super processed, super damaged hair XD
I think that unbleached hair or even minimally bleached hair, you can get away with products that say "can achieve salon LIKE results"  @__@ man they really get you with their words sometimes (they must have really listened to the saying that words are more powerful than stones XD) 

When I started majorly changing my hair colour, Viki (my friend/stylist) let me know that Pantene is one of the brands that majorly put wax-based material into their products.  That's why you get that glossy shine, but bleaching through that is terrible (aka wasting more money than you have to la~)

Other than that, for people who don't colour their hair, I've had people who swear by Pantene.  Since there was so much rave about it, I had to try it X3
I tried this one called beautiful length, which donated part of their profit to cancer patients who lost hair.  I thought that was really great, and the bottle was pink/purple, what's not to lose?  MY MONEY D=
I mean I'm glad I got to be a part of something that went to a good cause, but did the product have to be terrible?
My hair felt so greasy afterwards.  No joke, I felt like I had to wash my hair again at the end of the day...=__= I call product fail

Next on the line, I thought I try Nexxus.  I loved the smell, but again it was greasy.  Though I think back on it and think if I used it on my hair, if it would make a difference.  I mean my hair is so dry now, I wonder if it would make my hair stronger?
Result?  I loved the shampoo, mixed feelings about conditioner.

October 17, 2010

mascara, mascara, which do I choose @__@?

So I have short stubby lashes.  Like ultimately stubby lashes and since my kind of hair is corse and thick, so are my lashes.  That would be great if I had long lashes, c'ept I don't...I have the shortest lashes ever annnnd they don't curl!

Ok I lie I have to use my heated eye lash curler to get them to curl. and even then they go back to the way they where...straight =___=;;

So in all my looks, I never emphasize my lashes ^^;;

Which is no fair, because lashes make the look so much more flashy right?

Well along the way I've tried lots of mascaras

You'd think that I would like lengthening mascaras better, but they give me that creepy spider leg lashes.  D= not attractive~

I like volumizing mascaras better, the only problem is that I don't need more volume, so my lashes look lush, but still stubby ^^;  a while back I tried the L'oreal telescopic explosion mascara, but it ended up not working for my lashes.  Cuz when I applied it, it felt like nothing went on..D=

On the other hand with L'oreal voluminous mascara, it tends to make my lashes look clumpy, but it defintately makes a difference.  With it on I can actually see my lashes without sticking my face in a mirror XD;;

I've since then gone through a couple of tubes of the stuff X3
I've deviated every now and then to find something better, but I always go back to it
Too bad I don't have access to majolica majorca, otherwise I'd try their mascaras. I hear they're really good for asian eyelashes (stubby and very stubornly straight lashes)

But you know what works best?

pic 1 is original lip colour~ D= I know such deep lip colour, makes putting light lip shade so much harder =__=;;

and some cam whoring cuz I felt like all my effort to put on fake lashes for no good reason deserves some pics for me to remember X3

hey in this pic do I kind of look like lightening from ffxiii? XD

lol sorry I abused photoshop, I forgot to put on lipstick XD;; and was too lazy to put on lipstick
taking pics of yourself is damn hard XP
pic 2 and 3 has photoshopped lip colour
lol that makes me sound like pro at photoshop, no I just used sponge on my lips XD;;

October 16, 2010

RIP I won't miss you =P (pic heavy)

I've been told I'm kind of a pack rat.. I have to admit it's been true.
Now over a year and a half later of too much makeup purchases, I've learned to only buy things that I really want or really need.  My journey is filled with mistakes D=

Mistakes like buying products that don't work for my skin to products that just flat out suck.  Either way I don't use them ^^;;
And I don't want to throw them away because I bought it right? x__X;;

But it's time now that I'm tired of the clutter and I think to myself, if I don't ever use it and I never have the will to use it, why keep it around.  So I'm ready to start saying goodbye to them

Might I say a little bit about each?

first of all the two eyeliners don't stay on my eyes.  Yes I've tried to desperately to use them up, but I don't think I can anymore.  I don't think I want to go through my day afraid of what I actually look like in the mirror, because chances are I look like I've been crying without waterproof mascara D= 

 It goes without saying that these were bought when I first started to experiment with makeup and didn't really know what was good on the market.  Since then I've also come over some other bad cover girl products.  I don't think that brand works well for me. 

Personally I don't have anything against quo, per say, but they do make some things that are kind of disappointing. Especially since they're supposed to be the quality no-name brand. So they are pricy for what they are.  Sometimes they're great, sometimes they utterly fail.  Like this lash glue.  It's supposed to be clear, which I thought great! It's because I so fail at putting on fake lashes lol~ but then when I used it, it dried into cement!  I had such a hard time taking the lashes off.  Even with oil based makeup remover, it stuck to my eyelids and in the end a fair bit of my real lashes also went with it...not cool D=

Ever since my face pulled the "now I want to be oily" card, I've always been on a look out for a good powder to you know keep the oil from dripping down my face through out the day.  (seriously ~__~ it's so bad right now)  I've used cover girl (also wasn't a big fan), maybelline, and physician's formula.  The last one I bought, the powder was soft and silky and it was so easy to pick up product and apply.  Plus it's talc free so I liked the idea.  Unfortunately the packaging sucks.  when I went on a trip to asia, it got broken the luggage

 Buuuut I did end up using it all up, though I can't get the last bit on the sides.  Well I can, but I'll end up breaking a brush along the way~ seeee XD

 So anyways enter the new powder.  It's also by physician's formula and it's part of their bamboo wear line.  It comes with a compact that swivels and it's made of bamboo. I think they're trying to promote eco-friendliness or something (don't quote me, I'm not sure ^^:)  Any whoos, you'd think the same company would make the same kind of pressed powder...NOPE  This freaking compact oxidizes like nobody's business.  It's all beat up looking because I tried to revive it multiple times.  =___=;; I give up

Next are two of the deepest hate-regret products.  the Red one is my first face brush and the white one was on my quest to find a decent fluffy blending brush.  I loved elf's "c" brush and I had fallen in love with synthetic brushes, because they can be so much softer than real hair.  My face is really sensitive (which is really a downer, because that limits in what I can use on my face)  Both are so rough.  But I've kept them for this long for some reason.  I look at them now and I think why'd I keep them for that long @___@ geez nothing but grief for my face~

And lastly a no brainer,  I bought lip balm type of products from a) a brand I've never heard ever and b) a form of lip moisturizer that I've never heard of.  Both are bad ideas.  The first felt like candle wax and the second was like putting canola oil on my face..ew

October 15, 2010

Did I meantion I love Halloween?

So it's been a while again ^^;;
School's been kicking my ass full on D=

So this is incredibly late, but a friend had invited me to her birthday party.  It was great, I had so much fun even though I couldn't make it to her first half of the thing. 

@_@ I think this was the first themed birthday party that I went to?  Which is ultimately fine by me because I love dressing up XD (haha everybody and their grandmother would know)  So the theme was gothic vampire.  That was simple and completely in my comfort zone. 

I should have taken a picture of myself before the party, but luckily my makeup stayed until after the party..though my hair looked better when I first styled it D=
Oh well maybe next time~ 

I feel lucky that I came across the arbonne eyeliner, because BAM because this picture was taken 10 hours after I initially put on the eyeliner XD
I'd say that's a win~

I had prepped my skin the day prior and on the day with:
Tibetan Saffron pearl whitening mask
Arbonne revelage brightening hand cream with spf 30
appripriate facial creams and lotion
Neutrogena ultra sheer water-light daily face sunscreen spf 45

What I had on that day included:
Maybelline dream smooth moose in 150 classic ivory
Maybelline mineral power healthy perfection powder foundation 3 light
Beauty factory 120 eye shadow palette
Arbonne eyeliner ebony
No. 7 stay perfect mascara
Mac Viva Cindy
Big Sexy hair spray