December 31, 2010

Review time! (T/Gel therapeutic shampoo original formula)

long-lasting relief of itching and flaking

The product is by Neutrogena and it is recommended by dermatologists and is apparently clinically proven to help control the scalp from itching and flaking caused by dandruff, scalp psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis.

It says that it's effective from the first use and keeps working after the shampoo is rinsed off also that it's gentle enough for everyday use.

I'd have to say I don't know what to do without this product. My hair get dandruff very easily. Now with my extremly bleached hair, I have a different kind of dandruff than I used to get. Before it would just get oily and I'd get small bits of dandruff and my scalp would get itchy. Now because I'm basically chemically burning my scalp, the top layer flakes off in large flakes. Either way it's nasty and I need it to stay under control.

I was introduced to the product 4-5 years ago. Then I only used it every once in a while (this was pre bleached hair) and now I use it more often but still I use it only once every other shampoo. Though I can't say it gives my damaged hair any benefits, I can however say that it really gives my scalp a break from itching and dandruff.

I don't think I will ever be without this product X3

December 28, 2010

I caved D=

I don't think I've wanted some of these things so bad D=
But I don't think I could hold out on these anymore >_<
Although I need to go back to sephora I could have swor the makeup forever was on sale =/
In any case X3 I loooove what I got
Haha I was actually watching beauty broadcast and she meantioned these glosses with lip pencil thing and it made her lips so nice a glossy but pigmented in the most natural way.  OOhhh I loved it
I'm thinking of switching over to just these glosses and lip pencils from now on XD

Oh I was supposed to go to the states today with my bf, but we ended getting to the line up of the border and we were like "**** this D="  The freaking line was backed up all the way to the high way

So kind of dissapointed we ended up going to surry to pick up some krispy kreme XD

But on the high way there's this strip mall in the middle of nowhere lol
There ended up being a Lulu Lemon warehouse sale and I found these tron looking fitted workout pants
XD nailed it!

Then across the street, there was a winners and I found the most unique hoodie in the area @___@ well I find.  It was a blue hoodie but the unique thing about it is that it's made of lace XD woahhhh

And this cute top @__@;; I don't know how I'm going to wear all these yet but I'll figure it out XD

December 27, 2010

Wins of 2010!

I may be jumping the gun a little bit, but I thought I'd list some of the things that I absolutely loved this year. 

In no particular order, these products really made my day go by that much better!

Estee Lauder - perfectly clean splash away foaming cleanser
Estee Lauder - advanced night repair
Arbonne - Re9 advanced - intensive renewal serum
Arbonne - Re9 advanced - corrective eye cream
Arbonne - Re9 advanced - Restorative Day creme spf 20  Arbonne - Re9 advanced - Night repair creme
Arbonne - Revalage brightening moisture hand cream spf 30
Arbonne - eye liner
Soft lips - organic
Victoria's Secret - ultra softening body butter
Victoria's Secret - body mist - bombshell
The Body Shop - body butter
Secret - clinical strength action therapeutique
Lancome - bi-facil eye makeup remover
Wet n' Wild colour eye con eye shadows
N.Y.C. - blushable creme stick
Eyes Lips Face - natural radiance blusher
Eyes Lips Face - studio line powder brush
Schwarzkopf Professional - BC Bonacure hairtherapy rescue
Amazing Cosmetics - concealer
Palladio - herbal tinted lip balm
Maybelline dream smooth mousse
T/Gel therapeutic shampoo

pfffwweeeww long list eh?
Can you tell I've been on a skin care heist XD

December 14, 2010

ahh finally got my camera back XP

Yep yep I went to Play! the video game symphony  ~  and snapped some photos of my hair and fotd X3
My hair's still at an awkward length, so I tried to do an updo...only half failed this time XD;;

I wanted to take pics inside...but I only managed one cuz we ended up being late...

haha I never put labels on my photos but I had to do something to cover the creepy dude behind us looking into the pic =/

December 9, 2010

This may be obvious to some, but sometimes I take my knowelege for granted!

I was just on 4chan XD lol no I wasn't on /d/
But this person (male) asked suggestions of things he could do to cover up his acne scars (I presume he's also a cosplayer)

So out of sheer nothingness to do, I decided I really wanted to answer that question!

As I was spewing out answers (it felt like my fingers wouldn't let me type fast enough!) I realised I may not be professional, but there was quite a bit of information I could pass on to somebody and let them know some precautions they could take!

Even though cosplaying is no longer my world T___T sadly, I still love makeup and skin care!

I can probably do some coplay makeup series.  Like from basic caring for face from day to day, to caring for face on a loooonng day like conventions. 

Then I could also talk about basic makeup like foundations, liners, etc and let them know which ones are worth looking into.

Then, I'll come out with informational tips and such for crazier and more challenging looks.

I'm really liking this idea X3

December 4, 2010

Ok I've been complaining about winter alot, but I have to admit, it has it's cute moments!

Like Mall decorations, sometimes they turn out cute!
Although this was in an asian mall, everything's cute (even the halloween decorations XD )

This looked so delicious @__@ I had to capture the moment
I never like mall decorations XD but this really hit the spot for holiday cheer, whereas I have none hahaha

One new perk to the cold, I just learned that this is the only hat I can wear and have it fit
(I have a giant head D=)

Also I'm wearing glasses because my eye is super dry D=
The contacts don't feel very good at all

ps to myself: stop shaking the camera D=

December 3, 2010

New hair style?

Ahhh the work of the professional.  Viki needed some hair models so I volunteered and I so didn't regret!  This looks 10000000x better than the one I tried.
Watching her do my hair I really learned a lot!

Hair turned out great, we'll see how I do for Play!
(Play! is a video game orchestra XD haha nerdy I know)

What she used:
(btw she started with dry hair)
heat protectant (important)
1 inch curling iron
comb (for back combing)
soft wax
hair spray

I'll let you know how Play! turns out~