February 21, 2010

crazy for perfume!

I love perfumes! I really need to stop buying perfumes and body sprays, but I can't help it!  Every time I stop by a shop that has perfumes, I'll just start smelling all these wonderful scents ~_~

On the bright side, I have a pretty good collection going on, full of great memories =D

I have an even distribution of perfumes, toilettes, and body sprays.  I only have one solid perfume, but man does it smell great.  I love all my scents, but I think this has got to be my absolute favourite; especially for the summer. 

I've had mine for a while, but the scent is just as strong as the day I bought it.  I don't know, it makes me feel so romantic- like an old Holliwood star~

On their website, they said that Gardenia is the main scent that you would smell with back notes of ylang ylang, osmanthus and jasmine.

It is a pretty strong scent, but that's why I fell in love with it.  The first time I came across this perfume, it instantly brought back a memory of when I was in elementary still.  I felt like I was actually walking by the flowers that bloomed in the spring.  When they bloomed the air was sickingly sweet and heavy; that's what this perfume could achieve that no other floral based perfume could. 

There was a scene from an international film based off of a German book called Das Perfum.  Where the perfume maker caught the scent of this boy's creation.  At that time I thought that it was just a nice montage, but when I smelled this solid perfume, I had a moment similar to that.
Epic I know~

They also make scented candles, lotions, body butters, soaps, and actual perfumes too~ I highly recomend people try this <3

February 20, 2010

Project 10 pan

So I've been wanting to try project 10 pan for a while.  Well, technically I have tried it once already...But I failed so hard >__<
Last time, my makeup collection was not as big as it is now so when one of the item on the list was a mascara (my only mascara) you see my problem XD
So this time, I've decided to do one again.  Only this time I have extras of things.  I do like trying out new things and I especially love trying out recomendations that I see on youtube <3
So I'm calling project 10 pan 1.2!
The things I want to finally finish off are:

1. almay tripple coat mascara
2. cover girl exact eyelights
3. maybelline mineral powder
4. revlon matte lipstick (nude attitude)
5. softlips chap stick
5. e.l.f. lip plumper (oasis)
6. mac eye shadow (paradisco)
7. cover girl eyeliner
8. maybelline mineral power liquid foundation
9. spectro jel (senstive + acne prone skin)
10. bath and body works body lotion (rainforest)

February 12, 2010

Running out of time for Valentine's Day!

I think one of the most important date/ holiday (to me) is Valentine's day.  Not only is it a symbol for eternal love it's also my aniversarry.  Talk about pressure to bring on a memorable day x__x;;

So this year I've been thinking about how my previous years were stressful yes, but I didn't have to deal with break outs.  What kind of a date is it if you're not confident about yourself! 
On the bright side, I've come very far since the begining of my obsession with makeup.  Well...I'm still not a pro at it, but this year I've actually got a Valentine's Day look!

In my opinion, like almost every holiday, you get away with a bit more dramatic makeup even in the day.  Although my look isn't that crazy, I think it's dramatic enough that it'll tie you over till dark ^_~ so you can have fun without touching up!
Here it is with my eyes closed
Here it is with them open =D

@_@ I always seem to run out of time.  Wish me luck!

February 7, 2010

Haul time =D

I'm so excited I get to do a haul <3 ~ One of my favourite things to watch are hauls and I can finally start some of my own XD
Watching hauls has given me great tips and ideas as to what's worth taking a look at.  I've gotten these things over a period of times (sales are awesome~ ).

I think out of all the makeup related things I collect, I'd say I collect perfumes (and body sprays) and skin care things.  When I first started getting into makeup (which was a little over a year ago) I was crazy over eye shadows!  But then I got the 120 pallette and my obsession over eye shadows kind of stopped.  Haha I mean when you have that many eye shadows you kind of realise very quickly that I could never wear alot of the colours on a day to day basis x__x;;

Also over the span of the year, I've also realised that some products are worth the extra money and some products have excellent duplicates.  I love to find a more inexpensive alternative, which is why everytime I get to go to a drug store, I end up going to the cosmetics isle XD

I'd say out of the things I got, there are 5 things that youtube has convinced me I needed!

Reviews on them are coming soon =O