September 21, 2011

It's raining finally

I guess you're back to normal Vancouver. As much as I was saying how I wanted summer, I actually miss gloomy you lol. Guess I do belong here after all X3

June 2, 2011

Not a happy camper (please read)

So recently I was just stalking my friends on facebook (as per usual lol) And I stumbled across a friend's post about a creep.

Yeah I felt for her, but I was sure she was just ranting, because she is definitely not the "I must have attention by feeling sorry for me" type.

Another friend (or so I thought he was a friend) basically said that it was her fault for dressing that way.  What bothered me even more was the fact that he took sociology!

I take offense to that, because sociology happens to be one of my passions.  (why I didn't stick to it as a degree, I didn't like the type of jobs it offered in the future =/ I don't see myself as a couped up person ^^;)  To see someone argue in the name of sociology should make me happy.

But here are the reasons why he makes me laugh and mad at the same time.

1.  He accused a friend telling her it was her fault for dressing provocatively, which I think is absolutely ridiculous because everyone deserves to be left alone.  Even if she was naked.

2. He goes off on tangents of the theoretical concept of reality, religion, country, race that has little to NOTHING to do with the fact that IT'S NOT OK TO BLAME SOMEONE WHO'S BEEN VICTIMIZED.

3. He kept on ignoring people with a strong argument and picked on people who didn't have strong verbal skills.  Which also is ridiculous, because not everybody is good with English.

4.  Then he changed his reason to saying she's a victim because she feels that way.

I don't think I'm his friend anymore.  I DO NOT believe in his way of thinking.
I'm very passionate about this subject.  Because sometimes, some of life's hardest tasks is to get over the feeling that you've been a victim.

More serious situations, where not only women, but men and children become victims.  They are powerless to what happened to them and sometimes they get defiled even lose their life.  Nobody asks to go through that, and nobody should have to.

Again I need to stress that it is NOT okay to give the attacker or the predator an excuse for his action.

Because in the attacker's mind, their victim wanted it.
Haven't you heard of " well if s/he didn't want it, then s/he shouldn't have gotten drunk"

People need to start realizing and standing up those who were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.
This could be a family member, friend, co-worker, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife.  It could even be you.
I don't want to sound corny, but the sad truth is that it could happen to any of us.  We need to stand up and be there for our loved ones when it does.

May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope you guys have fun today!

Doing girly stuff with asian mums will be fun XD
Unfortunately my mum is on the practical side and wants to do something that has less to do with crowds and such so we're prepping for a home cooked meal ^__^
Here's also my crappy pic of my outfit!
Running out and about will be easy~
Don't forget to wear something fun but comfortable~

What are you doing for Mother's Day?

May 4, 2011

My dad came home today =)

So my dad's been gone for about a month and I'm so glad he's back ^__^

I'm glad to hear the gifts I brought back for my cousin and her friend were loved =D

I got my cousin a pair of sketcher shoes with cute skulls on them and a vegan leather jacket~ though I did hear it was still to big for her...O__O damn girl how skinny are you it was a small in the junior section already!
I can't remember what else I got her lol that's all I remembered

I got her friend the Lolita Lempika perfume set ~

All I asked my dad was to get me a new pair of glasses (cuz mine are so seriously I have scotch tape on the side of them ^^;; yep)

I didn't imagine they'd get such a detailed pair. O__O I've never heard of the side of the glasses made of wood, I won't get allergic for sure!

and lashes, lashes, lashes O__O I think I got like a sample pack XD so cool~
and 5 pairs of coloured contacts =D yay contacts

Loved the fact that she thought of getting me a purse that I can strap over my shoulder.  

You know I'm starting to think when i go out I'm liking the hands free a lot more O_O

Second purse is pretty funky O__O
I'm sure I'll find a way to pair this with something lol

April 11, 2011


I'm so very tired =__=

March 27, 2011

Pan porn!

haha I totally got that name from I forgot the end part of her username from youtube.

But I got this stuff collecting and I I don't know what came over me, but I got the picture taken!

I've thrown out more stuff randomly but this is what I have so far @___@

This has completely made me realise I have too much stuff!

Must use all!

ps that delon cotton pads came in a giant pack and that was the last of them =D
I think I did pretty well?

March 19, 2011

haul ~

So Shoppers on No. 3 Road and Cambie in Richmond now carries Anna Sui O___O sayyy whaaat

okok they've been carrying Anna Sui for a while, but to be honest I was never really into that particular brand in makeup ^^;;

I don't know other than the packaging looked really super cute, I couldn't justify buying something if I knew there was something out there that was equal in quality and cheaper in price O_O

I mean the purpose of getting makeup is putting it on your face right? XD;;

but anywhoos here is something that caught my attention.

I've been wanting some multi functional products lately and I adooore that orange is the new spring colour ^____^ oooOOoohh

You combine them and you get this!

I'm super happy that I can finally justify buying something from Anna Sui XD
because their packaging is thhheee cutest I've ever seen lol

When I opened it I was so surpised, the details on the blush/contour was so pretty
It's not as scary as it looks though
the designs are just a spray overlay, meaning when you start using it, it goes away.

I wasn't expecting it because the tester didn't have any overlay XD

Something that really surprised me was that the brush that came with the product was actually super good quality O__O

I've heard that higher end brands like lancome or dior or channel will come out with good quality brushes too....hrmm I see the convenience when you're bringing that product out with you 

Pigmentation is great.
It's not spring yet so I'll wait until I can wear some sort of spring outfit with this blush XD

March 12, 2011

My sigma order experience (pic heavy)

I was pretty experience excited to see this in the mail =D

I think inexpensive brushes are great but I love the fact that this travel brush set has all of the essentials in one roll.

I'm going to keep loving my other brushes (until they give out =D) but I feel so much better knowing that I have everything I need and I can take it with me if I need to without over packing >=D

About the quality of theses brushes I'd have to say what everyone else says is true about how they're a major competetor of M.A.C. cosmetics brushes.  I'd have to say some of them are better than M.A.C. brushes. 

yes I've caved before and wanted some nice staple brushes, but when I felt them I was like D=... they don't compare to synthetic brushes.

Anywhoos, when I opened the package this is what I saw =) I liked how thoughtful they were.

I was even more surprised to see that they had included 2 gifts O__O;;

I was expecting one because the travel brush set I ordered comes in two variation so no matter which one you order you get the extra brush the set doesn't come with.  Which I thought was well thought out. 

Though because the other set was black I was supposed to get a black extra brush, but it was that I'm complaining, I'm glad that my whole set is pink now XD

The thing I wasn't expecting was the extra extra brush LOL

So the brush rolls out like this.  I'm not too crazy about the silvery pink and the fact that material is kind of cheap.  It feels like those 2 dollar purses you can find in those random stores, which falls apart on you in like a week.  Hrm...but I haven't heard anybody complain about the brush roll yet

But good thing that all of the face brushes come with guards to keep the shape wich was awesome =)

There was also a pamflet on the names and a description about the brush and what it's for
and I paired up what they said with each brush.

Large Powder - F30
Very dense with a rounded top.  Ideal to apply powder products on face and body. Natural bristles.

Duo fibre - F50
Specially designed to generate an "airbrushed" finish when used to apply liquid foundation. Blends of synthetic and natural bristles.

Large Angled Contour - F40
The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. Natural Bristle.

Eye shading - E55
Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments.  Natural bristles.

Pencil - E30
Precise application of colour on the crease, outer corner, upper and lower lash line.  Natural bristles.

Tapered Blending - E40
Rounded and tapered top.  Specially designed to apply and blend colour on the crease.  Natural bristles.

Concealer - F70
The rounded, tapered, flat shap makes this brush ideal to conceal under eye area.  Synthetic bristles.

Here is the extra extra brush XD haha
It's called the E25

There's no description of the brush but it's like a flatter version of the tapered blending brush.
Which I'm sure will be more usefull to me as a crease brush instead because the actual blending brush is too big for my eye liek my M.A.C. 224

Everybody I'd like to say that people from specialty cosmetic stores don't know everything about makeup application and especially how the makeup works on your skin.

Do your research online, read reviews and don't be afraid to try, because you never know.

My experience with M.A.C has always been bad if I need to ask them for advice.  The girl who recommended me the 224 for my first brush was the only good advice I ever got.

As a begginer, it was great.  It gave me good light dust of colour and faded out nicely, but I don't to that anymore.

Instead I use the 224 to spread my concealer.  I love it, airbrush finish XD good bye lines!

March 10, 2011

Haul and a fail lol

The bay had one of their gift with purchases currently and they have some pretty nice things that I wanted to try out. 

I rememebered I had a conversation with my friend a while back and she meantioned that she loved Estee Lauder's Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher.  I already love their advanced night time repair serum, so I did want to try something different, plus I plan to make my vitamin C serum for night time use anyways.  Though I kind of failed with that for now... lol

Anyways!  The "gift" came with:

mini advanced night repair serum

soft clean tender creme cleanser for dry skin

resilience lift extreme ultra firming creme spf 15

a eye shadow quad with a light peach, taupe, lavander, copper brown

lipstick in pink parfait

and a double wear eye pencil in  02 coffee

I did like their other cleansers and moisturizers. maybe these will be just as good. 

While I did do some research on vitamins and their chemical compounds and hwo our body digests and absorbs it.  I completely bought the wrong type of vitamin C today...I don't think it worked, but I can't say it didn't work...urghhhhh

I had gotten the C-complex which is wronnngggg
I need asorbic acid and vegetable glycerin and distilled water
Which surprisingly enough distilled water can be purchased in shoppers! XD who knew

Oh well at least my schooling has taught me that if you take vitamin C on a regular basis, it helps cells regrow?  X3 good to know huh?

Oh well I'm going to be taking this vitamin C powder and ingest it...can't say this tastes very good, but I know my body will thank me when summer rolls around!

March 8, 2011

Trying a new hairstyle

I also realize that I need some circle lenses and lashes to look right
Though to my delight, I found that I didn't need all that much eye makeup =)
Though the picture is kind of decieving lol
That face actually took and hour to make LOL
I was actually trying to make my face to look like Lightning from Final Fantasy 13
...again XD hahaha

But then I noticed that it was a pretty natural looking face
(duh Lightening doesn't wear makeup XD;; )
I was trying to achieve her face shape wihtout making look like I'm wearing makeup...I kinda passed?

Also I got distracted and started cam whoring

I Know my face kind of looks greasy with the flash on, buuut it does show off the makeup-made face structure!  XD looks much better~    And then a half hour after of messing with my hair to look like Lightning, but for some reason it didn't look right and just when I was giving up which is in the photo on the left~

Buuut then I realized the hair was on the wrong side! soooooo

drum roll please!

Review time! ( StriVectin-SD )

So after my Arbonne eye creme ran out I needed another eye cream.  I've been watching reviews about StriVectin SD line and people really love it.  Packaging is very plain, it comes in a long sleek squeeze tube. 

Out of all the places I found it at Shopper's haha

I got the one that's 7.5% NIA - 114 + Peptide Actives.

On the box it says:

"We started with a goal. Create the most effective age-fighting eye product ever.  So we powered up the original StriVectin SD eye with more efficacious peptides, eye brighteners and soft focus light diffusers.  And we re-engineered the formulawith NIA-114, discovered in DNA skin cancer research to accelerate the rebuilding of skin layers."

Week 2
Energy increasing; dark circles and puffiness reducing

Week 4
Natural collagen renewing; firmness increasing

Week 8
Elasticity reinforcing; fine lines fading

Now I'm only up to week 3 ish and I have to say that I do see a difference but it's been slow.  At 2 weeks I didn't notice anything.  Though something I did notice that this is alot easier for my skin. 

The Arbonne eye creme, actually was too rich for my skin.  It did say it was for mature skin lol~
I was starting to develop small bumps that looked like mini white heads...which needless to say is gross looking.

Now they're almost gone and this new eye cream hasn't done anything to make it worse.

I have to say that I didn't expect this product to have brightening properties.  LOL  soft focus properties
So in other words, this isn't a miracle product and once you stop using it, you'll look like shit again.

Buuut I think I can live with that XD I mean I think the purpose of the brightening effect is so it looks like it's done it's job super fast for people who are impatient and want instant results.  But I'm going to week 8 and seeing if I actually see any results!

Review time!

So this is for my canadian girls!  I got these both at shoppers drug mart.  The one on top is life brand and I chose the one that was moisturizing for dry, brittle nales with vitamin E and aloe.  The one of the bottom is by Quo and it's the strengthening one. 

If I had to choose one, I definately pick the life one.  Not only is it cheaper, you need less to get the same job done.  Also for the quo I had to use 3-4 cotton pads to take off all my nail polish...not cool.

I get the cotton pads from costco the one that's rough on one side and smooth on the other, and it's not cheap!  I mean it's not super expensive either, but x___x come on, 3-4 cotton pads every time?

I never had that problem with the life brand.  Everything usually came off in 1-2 cotton pads. 

Needless to say I'm not getting this Quo nail polish remover again D=

March 5, 2011

Makeup post! if you don't like scary looks don't open lol

This is dedicated to my favourite game Left 4 Dead!
I know it's miles away from Halloween, but I was actually looking through some convention photos and I decided to do a look ^____^ makes me happpyyyyyyyyyy

Poor blog though, I keep on saying I'm totally going to be more commited and then I go away again XD;;

School's still on the picking up phase but it's almost to the reading break, I can feel it XDDD

In any case back to my story XD hahahaha

I haven't really been going to cons for a while and it's because I just haven't found the people to connect with anymore x___x;; I don't know

I used to have so much fun..then people just started dissapearing

I don't mean in the creepy they're gone, but more like they distance themselves and then I distance myself


It makes me really want to cosplay again
The memories were so great!
Being silly and everything, but I think that boat has long past ...looooooooooong past  lol

You know instead I would love to do people's makeup for photoshoots
that would be soooooo fun XD

Here's a look I did for the witch from Left 4 Dead 1 & 2

Here I try to make my hair like it is with the witch, surprisingly my camera's auto focusing made my hair extra white XD;; 

Here is a closer colour of my hair

Here is the look without the hair in my face for a better view ^__^

and lastly, SEXY WITCH lol

February 23, 2011

feeling dead on the inside

=___= ughhhhh I was so set on doing blog posts on a regular basis and then school kicked into full gear.  I don't know how the girls I follow do it.  They seem to have at least an 8 hour day of something and they still look glam and fab!
Also they take great pics X3 omggg I can't stop gushing over how much I love fashion vids and posts.

ohhh dun dun dun am I starting to lean towards fashion more now?

hrmm I guess I've always been interested in fashion, but it's so expensive you know? haha

Also it's kind of getting lonely talking to myself it seems ^^;;
I'd like to meet some bloggers!!

So if anybody is interested, what are your current obsessions?

January 30, 2011

le sighhhh

Good bye bag that I loved ;___;
I have such a hard time letting go of purses that I've found~

I get so attatched.

But I have reason!

Think about it.  I love bags and purses XD no question!
And I spend all my time thinking about it ahaha ^^;;

So when I finally find one, I love it to pieces!

I think I've gotten to the point that if I want to invest in a bag, it's going to be good quality.

I really love this bag and I've gotten so many compliments on it.  However I got it at Aldo...and it was 50 bucks D= 

I think that's the last time I'm going to buy a fashion bag and sacrifice the quality.

Except for maybe smaller purses which I run to the groceries or something =)

I've gotten quality bags for around 100 bucks and they still are in perfect condition...except my white one....I had a spat and there was pink bbt involved D=

Needless to say I'm going to keep my cool when I'm holding an expensive bag lol!

Ohhh maybe I'll do a purse collection XD

haul time!!! (pic super heavy @___@)

I think I've decided that valentines day is going to be my next favourite "holiday" XD
Just think about it =)
You get to dress up like halloween, buuut less work is involved
Plusssss there's so many things with hearts on them @_____@
My bf and I went on a random shopping trip to the states again XD hahahaha

Picked up some things that we can't get all of it!
 And I think I found my new favourite lip balm ommggg it's sooo good
Okok I'm going to admit, I've been seeing the signs of aging
especially around my eyes and lips.  D= lines so not hot

Such bad timing because I bought all these nice lipsticks but I can't wear them because it just looks terrible.  Sometimes I think it's the combination of my dry house and age.

Lip balms don't work for the most part...Like all the lip balms I used to swear by no longer cut it for me T__T;;

I thought I had to just stop wearing lipstick.. It was really that bad.  I wasn't even looking out for this lip balm today but my lips were so dry and I forgot my lip balm..again XD;;

It has some shimmer but I can't say it has pigmentation, which is fine because I love it as a lip balm...which it clearly says on the side of the tube XD

I do like the packaging, it has the company name, then the description of what it does XD

BTWs I looove this toner.  It sucks that I can't find it in Canada anymore.  I was watching kokolaroo and she was raving about this toner and how it's the best toner she's tried.  My god she was right O__O

I love the way it makes my skill look ^___^

Here is a close up of what it says it does
This is part of Boots Botanical line
Which I really love their eye makeup remover too

Also I'm super excited to try this foundation.  I found it in Rite Aid.
I'm only iffy on cream foundations but look at the spf!!
I love powder sunscreen I thin it's so multi purpose, but this is even more multipurpose!

I only got to test this out on my skin so far, I don't know about lasting power, but it's definately a sheer to medium coverage.

Packaging is kind of stupid though...buuut it's more sturdy than the maybelline dream smooth moose.

This is their lightest shade which is in classic ivory I think.  I got rediculously pale in the past couple of weeks for some reason...
@__@ I hate it when my skin does that
this is why I wanted a new foundation

I really like that it's sheer to medium coverage though.  I like my high coverage, but at the same most of my time is spent casually so I don't really want to look out of place with my face full of makeup lol

Remember this?  Yes this is my second one.  I think this is the first cosmetic related thing I got a two of because I finished the first one! XD

Though this time I got it in medium beige.  You gotta be careful, even if you're on the paler side, get a shade down because it really gives a white-ish cast.  (probably from the sunscreen)

And finally!!!
The new physician's formula stuff I've been lusting after!
I saw a bunch of gurus on youtube buy this and I knew that vancouver wouldn't have it D=

LOL I totally need these in my life XD

I'm still kind of confused as to whether these are finishing powders or highlights...
They're on the shimmery side..but not very shimmery.  If it was a highlight it'd be a very muted finish.
Why I didn't get everything is because I don't need a million bronzers, I have alot still.  I'm still not very big on bronzers and I didn't get their blush is because it's a very rosey colour. 
I look terrible with rosey colours mostly and I have a crap ton of blushes still @___@

Which I love so I didn't bother.

Hey  I love packaging but I still want to love the product ^__^

Close up view, this one's called beige

and this one's translucent

Each compact comes with a mirror and a brush underneith

I'm still not a big fan of their brush, buuut this is actually alot nicer than their normal brushes @__@ I may use them afterall XD

This also have a nice lavender scent to them!  Ohhh it's so fun putting this stuff on ^___^

January 23, 2011

^___^ my skincare stuff are getting love !

So as of right now I just used up my Arbonne corrective eye creme!  I know I should be sad because it's a really good eye cream, but I already have my next eye cream that I know I'll enjoy >=)

I honestly don't remember when I started using this, but the packaging says that after opened I have a year to use.  Which I didn't take thaat long, but I think I used it enough to think it's good value for the price!

I have to thanks this eye cream for saving my eyes from so much damage.  A combination of winter's intense cold, and extremely dry central heating system and tugging on my eyes with contact lenses, my eyes looked like they belonged to a girl of late 30s

Not cool >=/

I think I've learned my lesson with contact lenses and well taking care of my skin in general.

You think i would have learned that by now.  LOL

I can never get past how fragile the eye area really is @___@

January 21, 2011

Oh daiso, you get me every time =/

So I've been wanting one of those hair bands that have wires in them so I can do that cute hair style when my roots grow in XD

Also when my hair is up I like to put lots of decoration because I think it looks plain without it?

All in all I think I went a little crazy on hair stuff at daiso lol

And to think all I went in for was a nice container that won't leak to put my olive oil in, which I did find thankfully

I don't know how it'll perform yet, but here's hoping!

On a side note about olive oil, originally I used olive oil to take off my makeup because I didn't want to keep on buying new expensive eye makeup remover.  Because I use it up so quickly, it broke my wallet very easily x___x
But then I realised I stressed my eye area less, because I'm putting less chemicals there.  My eyes have taken a break from chemicals for a while and they are thanking me =)

OOOOhhh I forgot to meantion that those keychain things on the bottom right of the photo are hair ties actually.  They're made specifically for odango hair style!

I saw my cousin's friend use it in Shanghai while I was visiting @___@ damn she is so pretty