May 16, 2010

nailpolish hassel D=

I can't not paint my nails, but I'm a giant clutz.  Every time I paint my nails at least one will be scuffed.

It's terrible to see when I've spent so much effort on making the coats even @_@

So I can't get Seche Vite where I live, so I tried something else that claimed to do essencially the same job. 
So I decided to try Rimmel's 60 seconds top coat.  Well to my dissapointment, it didn't actually dry in 60 seconds.  But it did cut down the time by a little over half.

Normally it would take about a little over an hour for my nails to try, but now only 20 mins.

I can't say that's the best results, but after years of scuffing, I'd say this is pretty good start.

May 14, 2010

"Lushious Affair"?

I think it was about 2 months ago that there was a huge Lush craze going around.  Even I jumped onto the band wagon and bought tons and tons of soaps, bath bombs, and skin care products.  I was overwhelmed with how much variety there was; the different yummy smells helped!  But just being introduced into skin care, I didn't know much else about it.  So I thought that it was great that everything I needed was in one convenient store.

The first thing I tried were the bath bombs.  I instantly fell in love with them.  Who could resist the cutest bath products that turned the water into different colours and made them smell amazing? I never used to enjoy baths, but every bath bomb was it's own experience.  I think my favourite one is still the sex bomb.  (It doesn't really smell like sex...bleh *bad mental image*)

The second thing I tried were the soaps.  I love the way they look and every soap has it's benefits.  But my favourite is 13 unlucky for dirt.  It has to be one of the most convenient soaps for travelling.  I recently went to Asia and it's difficult to bring liquid things so a solid soap is a good thing. 

And finally their skin care products.  I have to say it's only mediocre.  For that price I don't think it's worth getting.  I haven't seen any results with any of their skin care line, but I still used it.  Usually I would just stop if it didn't give me any results...but it was so expensive for what they were! 

Now I've given a couple of months to use all my Lush products and I have to say, that now the hype is over for me, I don't really see the big deal with Lush anymore.  I mean it was fun, but as for skin care I didn't see dramatic results if any. 

I do give them props for making their things organic, though their sales associates didn't really know what they were talking about.  I mean they did know the general facts about their products, but when I asked something like if the lotions were water based or not, they didn't know.  Even when I said that oil based lotions will break me out and that I have super sensitive skin, they still recommended me lotions that I later found out, were oil based.

So my conclusion is that it was fun.  I'd say no to the skin care products and every now and then pick up a bath bomb to get super relaxed!