July 23, 2010

Arbonne haul time/ mini review =)

They're a new company (we relatively new) You need to find a representative to get these products and I think they're a great price for the kind of products you get.  The ladies are very helpful and go into detail about your skin and how it works and what's good for it.  It was like a mini science class (but I didn't fall asleep this time XD ) You order with them and then it comes a week later in a neat little package like this =D

Call me a sucker for the most superficial things, but it makes me so happy that it comes in a cute little package!  I only got 3 things.  I wanted to get so much more, but I kept reminding myself of the pile of things I'm waiting to use still ^_^;;

But there were three things that I was absolutely in love with.  Well I was definitely in love with them when I was testing them out.  I've used two of the three things already. 
I had gotten brightening hand and body creme, eye cream, and spf lip balm.

So far I can say that the eye cream is pretty good.  Much better than the one I was using before. =___=;; I'll make a review on it.  (It was such a waste of money)  I really like this eye cream though, it does a good job at brightening my under eye area and it fills in fine lines.  Though I get the feeling like it does it temporarily.  But then again I do tug at my under eye area a lot since I wear contacts..and I squint XD

I'm trying to get rid of that habit, so alot of the times I catch myself squinting and then I force myself out of it by doing this half surprised look.  XD;; it's so lame, but I seems to be working.

But moving on to the next thing, which is the spf lip balm.  I like it a lot, but I think it needs to be prepped with another lip conditioner.  At least for me and it's because my lips are suuuper sensitive.  I really mean it.  If it doesn't agree with something it'll just hive and blotch and I'll end up looking like a burn victim for a month...Yeah it's that bad.

The lip balm is good, it doesn't contain petroleum or silicon or paraben.  Which is a big BIG plus, because I think of how much lip product I actually ingest and it's kind of disgusting.  I put this stuff on and I don't need to do anything else to keep it moisturized for the rest of the day. =) it's pretty great.

July 22, 2010

Ped Egg ( breast cancer edition)

First of all I'd like to say that I bought this purely because it was pink and it was supporting breast cancer research.  Haha that was completely shallow of me, but I guess that's what they were marketing towards right?  So the packaging was sealed very well.  In fact don't like that kind of sealing.  It makes for very awkward times for somebody as clumsy as me.  Luckily the outcome was great, I came out unscathed.

But onto the actual product.  I like the type of plastic.  It's light and is textured for better grip.  Also because it's plastic and metal, it made cleaning super easy.  I don't like to do anything to the heal of my foot, because the more I sand away, the rougher the skin can come back.  But I don't know what happened, the whether final started to warm up in van and I had to start wearing sandals.  I started to notice my feet were in terrible condition.

So I just sat myself down in front of the TV and filed away.  Surprisingly the file part wasn't as rough and intense as it looks.  I thought it was going to take chunks of skin away, but it lightly took away dead skin cells.  The PedEgg also came with a buffer, which I was thankful for.  I mean I'm not too great so it was quite uneven.  The buffer made it appear I knew how to make my feet look perfect XD

July 15, 2010

Wonder Curler Review

This electric eyelash curler works kind of like a traditional eyelash curler in the sense that it crimps your eyelash.  It requires 2 AAA batteries and has a temperature sensitive silicon pad that changes colour when it's ready to be used.  It retails for about $10.00 but I got it for $5.00

Why I got it discounted?  I found it at Winners.  I looked into the company a little bit and couldn't find anything about them.  There was a url on the box, but that link goes nowhere.  So I assume they went out of business. 

Why review a product that can't be bought anymore?  Because there are tons of products like it.  It's just that this one particular company went out of business. 

I have to say I've wanted one for a while, but then I forgot about it.  My eyelashes were never anything spectacular.  Yes I use mascara and yes I use a regular eyelash curler, but it never did anything major.  I naturally have course hair so my eyelashes tend to just stick straight.

But then I was watching a video from meepo's channel and saw that she bought this at Winners.  I saw it myself at my local Winners and picked it up.  I'm glad to say it works very well.  It heats up quickly and my curl is so much more noticeable. 

I can't believe how much more feminine I look now that I can see my eyelashes!

Haul time~

So this summer, I've kind of calmed down with the hauls.  I can't seem to use up enough things to balance out the things I buy.  I've been really good about it, but sometimes I just can't help it haha~

Ahh all four things I was watching videos and these were all raved about so...^^;; I had to get them..

Buuut on the other hand I've been finishing alot of things.  Surprisingly they all started to finish at once!

July 11, 2010

Product Fail

So I was thinking that I was doing a lot of rave reviews, but it wasn't all that easy finding the stuff I really like.  When I started to get things, people's opinions really made an influence on the things I wanted to buy (still do).  So obviously when I heard people rave about something I had to go get it.

Which did not end well I must say @___@;;
I did end up getting a lot of things I regret buying so I was thinking of doing a simple little "these products fail" type of entries =D

A while back I was looking for a good lip conditioner, because my lips are horribly dry and they crack and peel a lot.  C.O. Bigelow was really popular then, especially their rose salve.  At first I really liked it.  It was super moisturizing and it lasted for a really long time.  But I noticed recently that after a while it likes to travel all over my face, but mainly to my chin.  Which is horrible because I have a ton of tiny breakouts that aren't going away.  So fail -__-

July 4, 2010

Nivea Visage Gentle Toner Review

I've been turned off of toners, because the one I used a long time ago was alcohol-based.  My skin dries out very easily so when I was using that toner, my skin looked terrible!  But I was looking through Shopper's and saw a pink bottle of toner.  That's terrible to base your decision on the colour of the packaging, buuut I did end up looking at the ingredients and it was alcohol free.  Instead most of it's ingredients were water and glycerin. 

On my normal skin care routine, I typically use the toner after I wash my face.  However sometimes my sleeping schedule becomes sporadic and I sometimes only sleep a couple of hours in between.  If i just washed my face and I have to get up 4-5 hours later, I typically just skip washing my face and go straight to the toning. 

This product is super gentle, but effective.  It doesn't dry out my skin and in fact it leaves it lightly moisturized.  Extra dirt gets cleaned off, which keeps breakouts at minimum =)

I'm already on my second bottle and I don't find the need to search for another toner~