May 16, 2010

nailpolish hassel D=

I can't not paint my nails, but I'm a giant clutz.  Every time I paint my nails at least one will be scuffed.

It's terrible to see when I've spent so much effort on making the coats even @_@

So I can't get Seche Vite where I live, so I tried something else that claimed to do essencially the same job. 
So I decided to try Rimmel's 60 seconds top coat.  Well to my dissapointment, it didn't actually dry in 60 seconds.  But it did cut down the time by a little over half.

Normally it would take about a little over an hour for my nails to try, but now only 20 mins.

I can't say that's the best results, but after years of scuffing, I'd say this is pretty good start.

1 comment:

  1. Have you tried Sally Hansen's 30 second top coat? I have it, and it does cut down the time dramatically XD I didn't like Rimmel's top coat too much. lol