May 4, 2011

My dad came home today =)

So my dad's been gone for about a month and I'm so glad he's back ^__^

I'm glad to hear the gifts I brought back for my cousin and her friend were loved =D

I got my cousin a pair of sketcher shoes with cute skulls on them and a vegan leather jacket~ though I did hear it was still to big for her...O__O damn girl how skinny are you it was a small in the junior section already!
I can't remember what else I got her lol that's all I remembered

I got her friend the Lolita Lempika perfume set ~

All I asked my dad was to get me a new pair of glasses (cuz mine are so seriously I have scotch tape on the side of them ^^;; yep)

I didn't imagine they'd get such a detailed pair. O__O I've never heard of the side of the glasses made of wood, I won't get allergic for sure!

and lashes, lashes, lashes O__O I think I got like a sample pack XD so cool~
and 5 pairs of coloured contacts =D yay contacts

Loved the fact that she thought of getting me a purse that I can strap over my shoulder.  

You know I'm starting to think when i go out I'm liking the hands free a lot more O_O

Second purse is pretty funky O__O
I'm sure I'll find a way to pair this with something lol

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