September 16, 2010

Review time! (liquid foundations)

So it's safe to say that I use alot of foundation.  But more importantly liquid foundations.  I've been looking for the perfect liquid foundation for a while.  For a while I thought I did find the perfect liquid foundation for me.  Even though it was on the low-end side, I felt it did my skin more justice than higher end brands. 

Maybelline Pure Makeup

I don't know if they still make this anymore, but I think it's the best foundation if your skin is lookn' fine already.  The application is so smooth, even though the consistancy is kind of fluffy and no liquidy at all.  It evens out your skin and makes it look so natural.  Even if you have a couple of breakouts, using this won't cover it, but it makes the rest of the face look extra good (more convincing your face is naturally like that XD)  It only goes up to medium coverage, but that's just the type of foundation it is. 

Maybelline Mineral Power Liquid Foundation

That was a mouthful eh?  But on a serious note.  I had a very good initial impression of this product.  My skin didn't react to it (my face is very sensitive, a lot of harsher products can make my cheecks feel this light stining feeling).  It was on the watery side, so the foundation distributed across my face very easily.  It was easy to apply with brushes as well as my fingers.  It had light to medium coverage, though you could push for a heavier coverage.  Once you needed heavy coverage though, you had to be careful or else it could look cakey.  Which is what happened to me.  I went through a period where this foundation was the foundation for me, but once my skin was no longer smooth, the application was harder.  The results were less than satisfying.

Maybelline Dream Liquid Foundation

This came out after the Dream Mouse foundation came out when a lot of people started complaining that it accentuates dry spots.  This foundation goes from sheer coverage to full coverage.  The funny thing is that this foundation doesn't work well if your skin is in good condition.  When my skin was breaking out the foundation worked great.  It covered all my flaws and kind of evened out my bumps (I say kind of because it's not a miracle worker mang XD), but when my skin kind of cleared up, it started to look streaky.  So this product stays with me in case I have another series of break-outs again!

Rimmel London Recover

To be honest I bought this because I was watching a youtube video and Tao from iamgrape1119 was talking about how if you have a rough night and you skin kind of looks shotty, this was a great pick-me-up foundation the next day.  Let me tell you, I am terrible at sleeping.  If I have one great fail in my life, that would be getting some sleep.  So when I need to look fresh and awake (and not dead), then I just slather some on.  The consistency is in between the two previous maybelline products.   It was easier to use my fingers to apply rather than a brush.  It claims to have vitamin c and e and that's supposed to be why your skin is looking better, but in actuality it has a lot of shimmer in it.  At first I thought it looked stupid.  I'm just not used to these kind of products, but when you put a finishing powder on top, it kind of tones it down and your skin looks fresh.  I just realised that it is exactly the concept for Nars Sheer Glow only less expensive.  Neither of which suite me very well.  Still not bad especially under the eyes. ;)

Almay smart shade anti-aging w/ spf 20

BIGGEST SHAM EVER.  You can tell my opinion on it already no? Not that it's a bad foundation.  It give a great texture to your skin, very dewy without any shimmer (at least not that I can see).  But this whole deal with matching your shade is the biggest bullcrap I've ever heard.  I don't know what I was thinking when I bought this.  It turns to one shade...and if you're not that shade then too bad.  That makes me think why not just get Maybelline Age Rewind instead.  It also claims to be anti-aging, but they ACTUALLY have different shades to suite different people.  x___x so disappointed with this product

Wow such a long post, but are the different liquid foundations that I've been using and what purposes they're good for X3


  1. <3 awesome post >_<

    I'm so picky about my foundations and all that... ugh. why must my skin be so crappy! I was curious about the Smart Shade as well, but it looks gross on my hand : | didn't work.

  2. thank you for seconding my thoughts
    man I'm just so worked up about it. I mean I can't even find a way to use this thing @__@

  3. Hmn mix it with a moisturizer and put it on your legs? XD haha I have no idea what else you can do with it @_@;;

  4. haha I just might glare and then eventually give up and throw it away @_@