September 12, 2010

August memoris~ (pic heavy)

It's been a while..again X3;;

This isn't really a beauty related post just some memories of summer~

School started for me and first week was less than graceful.  Though I'm trying extra hard now.  I've never really cared much for school.  But I think I've been drifting off in life for too long.  Can you imagine wanting to go back to school and break your back going through it again?

I do have some nice memories of this summer (though a very short one)

My friend decided she wanted to practice doing hair, ended up doing a hime-style hair on me.  I was so shocked!  I've never had hair like that before and probably never again XD;; It took her so long and she's a professional = no chance for me lol
Sooo...I had to take a picture.  Now I can look back and say " I had damn nice hair XD"

I look back and wonder how my scalp took so much damage XD;;
I went back to get my hair redone again!  But I gotta admit, I love the look of fresh bleached hair <3

And of course summer is definitely not complete without eating pho at my bf and mine's favourite place.  Though they don't have a very original name, their food is the best comfort food ever!

This summer is kind of special, I ended doing alot of things with the people I care about.  Like here I look all smug because I just passed my learner's knowledge test!  Haha I know, I haven't gotten my licence yet?  That's because I don't like the idea of driving D=

Again I look smug, but my bf is being smug with me so I guess that makes it kind of better? XD

Then my bf and I had a last minute trip down to the states before school started!  It wasn't very well planned out and we were just going along with it.  We found a last minute hotel in down town core of Seattle (price and quality was not bad at all)

(my flash failed)  But it was a decent room.  We tried to get an early sleep but I ended up not sleeping well.  I don't know how I survived the next day.  We tried to catch breakfast, but no such luck. 

We went to The Pike Brewery?  I think that's what it was called?  But the food was absolutely delicious.  One of my favourite things to eat was the crab and artichoke dip served with pita bread!  Oh man it rivals Moxy's goat cheese dip X3

Haha can you tell what I was running on by the last day?