August 27, 2010

Nails: polish and sparkle!

Hey I just thought of something, I've been doing mostly skin care and such, but I'm also a big nail art junkie!  why have I not talked about nail stuff?  I know fail D=

But in anycase, I'm pretty picky about nail stuff.  I haven't gotten any new polishes or anything lately and here's why.

The only polishes I've ever liked are O.P.I.  Not to sound like a prude or anything, but everytime I tried something of the drug store equivelant, it turned into a disaster.  It was streaky, blotchy, hard to dry, and not very pigmented unless you used 3+ coats.

Maybe I xcore fail at putting on nail polish and it has nothing to do with the polishes.  But in that case why would I pay near the same as a good quality nail polish only to have major trouble applying.  I mean shouldn't it be kind of easy if the price is going to only 1-2 dollars off?

I don't know why I picked these up, but they were really inexpensive and the colours were something I haven't seen around (where I live without costing $10+)  So nothing really to lose right?

and here it is


I'm not too sure when I'm going to use the muted yellow, but it's going to look cute anyways ^__~
Not only do they apply beautifuly, they're also pigmented!  The brushes are definately what you pay for. 
I bought these 3 for $10  Through surprisingly, the stiff brush works out.  It distributes the product evenly across my nail bed.  So I only need 1-2 strokes per nail (possibly 2 coats)

The next thing is a trend I've been seeing this year, which are massively sparkly nails.  So here is the 2nd item


I found these in a pack of 4 at my local Michael's.  I almost got hooked into buying the Martha Stewart set which was over $40 D=
Mind you they were alot bigger, but I didn't need that much.  I think these were a much better quantity. 


  1. i love nail polishes too ! my favorite colours are nude's and pink though.. ^0^
    the yellow looks really nice, would look perfect with a black outfit!

  2. ahaha actually me too, funny that I decide to make a post with polishes I normally don't turn to XD;;
    but once I stepped outside my comfort zone, it was really fun to see some change!
    ooh and I didn't even think about the yellow polish with a black outfit~ I love that idea!