February 23, 2011

feeling dead on the inside

=___= ughhhhh I was so set on doing blog posts on a regular basis and then school kicked into full gear.  I don't know how the girls I follow do it.  They seem to have at least an 8 hour day of something and they still look glam and fab!
Also they take great pics X3 omggg I can't stop gushing over how much I love fashion vids and posts.

ohhh dun dun dun am I starting to lean towards fashion more now?

hrmm I guess I've always been interested in fashion, but it's so expensive you know? haha

Also it's kind of getting lonely talking to myself it seems ^^;;
I'd like to meet some bloggers!!

So if anybody is interested, what are your current obsessions?


  1. Expensive make up palettes >_> that is my obsession.
    I'd love to get into fashion more, but I feel like I can never find anything that matches "my" style (if I even have one).

  2. and sucky thing about van is that once a style hits it's all one thing it seems lol

    btws your stuff is sitting by my desk collecting dust, XD omg it needs to find a way to youuuuu

  3. Awww no you are not! Thanks for following mine, I've seen you on everyday_gyaru correct? hehe I browse areound here and there!

    You're from Vancouver? How fun! I'll be in Vancouver/Richmond this April!

    Keep on blogging cutie ^____^

  4. oooh~ what cha up to in my neck of the woods XD

    ah? everyday gyaru? hrmmm I do go on a couple of gyaru blogs and I have lots of friends who are very gyaru XD

    but I'm more of a lurker ^___^;; sounds stalkery~

  5. Lol Van? In terms of diversity in fashion, it's definitely not very diverse XD I agree with you. Just trying to find nice stuff is a mission sometimes...

    Lets go shopping together :D? it'll be fun!

    Right! We need to meet XD I still have some masks and stuff for you too~! I'll be super busy with school though : ( I imagine you're in the same boat.

  6. yep hence the dead on the inside
    @__@ I've been super sick and yet I still have a deadline tomorrow morning D= ahhhhh

  7. X___X Get well soon!! I feel like I'm getting sick, ahah...
    We'll plan something soon :3