March 5, 2011

Makeup post! if you don't like scary looks don't open lol

This is dedicated to my favourite game Left 4 Dead!
I know it's miles away from Halloween, but I was actually looking through some convention photos and I decided to do a look ^____^ makes me happpyyyyyyyyyy

Poor blog though, I keep on saying I'm totally going to be more commited and then I go away again XD;;

School's still on the picking up phase but it's almost to the reading break, I can feel it XDDD

In any case back to my story XD hahahaha

I haven't really been going to cons for a while and it's because I just haven't found the people to connect with anymore x___x;; I don't know

I used to have so much fun..then people just started dissapearing

I don't mean in the creepy they're gone, but more like they distance themselves and then I distance myself


It makes me really want to cosplay again
The memories were so great!
Being silly and everything, but I think that boat has long past ...looooooooooong past  lol

You know instead I would love to do people's makeup for photoshoots
that would be soooooo fun XD

Here's a look I did for the witch from Left 4 Dead 1 & 2

Here I try to make my hair like it is with the witch, surprisingly my camera's auto focusing made my hair extra white XD;; 

Here is a closer colour of my hair

Here is the look without the hair in my face for a better view ^__^

and lastly, SEXY WITCH lol


  1. Dude, you make the hottest witch ever. EVER.

    Go to cons again! lol we have a pretty tight group (we know more games than we do anime now - lol) XD you're always welcome <3

  2. eeeee~! I might have to take you up on that offer this year XD

  3. yehhh!!

    We're planning on going to PAX 8D Come down!

  4. when is pax? cuz some of my friends are intereted too

  5. PAX should be on Labor Day weekend.
    If anything keep posted with the PAX website for passes. they usually come out during the spring (april).