February 20, 2010

Project 10 pan

So I've been wanting to try project 10 pan for a while.  Well, technically I have tried it once already...But I failed so hard >__<
Last time, my makeup collection was not as big as it is now so when one of the item on the list was a mascara (my only mascara) you see my problem XD
So this time, I've decided to do one again.  Only this time I have extras of things.  I do like trying out new things and I especially love trying out recomendations that I see on youtube <3
So I'm calling project 10 pan 1.2!
The things I want to finally finish off are:

1. almay tripple coat mascara
2. cover girl exact eyelights
3. maybelline mineral powder
4. revlon matte lipstick (nude attitude)
5. softlips chap stick
5. e.l.f. lip plumper (oasis)
6. mac eye shadow (paradisco)
7. cover girl eyeliner
8. maybelline mineral power liquid foundation
9. spectro jel (senstive + acne prone skin)
10. bath and body works body lotion (rainforest)

1 comment:

  1. Ooh project pan :D a lot of people are starting to do so... Hmn.
    I'm trying to finish off my MAC loose blot powder, but it's seriously taking forever XD hilarious.