February 21, 2010

crazy for perfume!

I love perfumes! I really need to stop buying perfumes and body sprays, but I can't help it!  Every time I stop by a shop that has perfumes, I'll just start smelling all these wonderful scents ~_~

On the bright side, I have a pretty good collection going on, full of great memories =D

I have an even distribution of perfumes, toilettes, and body sprays.  I only have one solid perfume, but man does it smell great.  I love all my scents, but I think this has got to be my absolute favourite; especially for the summer. 

I've had mine for a while, but the scent is just as strong as the day I bought it.  I don't know, it makes me feel so romantic- like an old Holliwood star~

On their website, they said that Gardenia is the main scent that you would smell with back notes of ylang ylang, osmanthus and jasmine.

It is a pretty strong scent, but that's why I fell in love with it.  The first time I came across this perfume, it instantly brought back a memory of when I was in elementary still.  I felt like I was actually walking by the flowers that bloomed in the spring.  When they bloomed the air was sickingly sweet and heavy; that's what this perfume could achieve that no other floral based perfume could. 

There was a scene from an international film based off of a German book called Das Perfum.  Where the perfume maker caught the scent of this boy's creation.  At that time I thought that it was just a nice montage, but when I smelled this solid perfume, I had a moment similar to that.
Epic I know~

They also make scented candles, lotions, body butters, soaps, and actual perfumes too~ I highly recomend people try this <3

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