February 7, 2010

Haul time =D

I'm so excited I get to do a haul <3 ~ One of my favourite things to watch are hauls and I can finally start some of my own XD
Watching hauls has given me great tips and ideas as to what's worth taking a look at.  I've gotten these things over a period of times (sales are awesome~ ).

I think out of all the makeup related things I collect, I'd say I collect perfumes (and body sprays) and skin care things.  When I first started getting into makeup (which was a little over a year ago) I was crazy over eye shadows!  But then I got the 120 pallette and my obsession over eye shadows kind of stopped.  Haha I mean when you have that many eye shadows you kind of realise very quickly that I could never wear alot of the colours on a day to day basis x__x;;

Also over the span of the year, I've also realised that some products are worth the extra money and some products have excellent duplicates.  I love to find a more inexpensive alternative, which is why everytime I get to go to a drug store, I end up going to the cosmetics isle XD

I'd say out of the things I got, there are 5 things that youtube has convinced me I needed!

Reviews on them are coming soon =O

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