February 12, 2010

Running out of time for Valentine's Day!

I think one of the most important date/ holiday (to me) is Valentine's day.  Not only is it a symbol for eternal love it's also my aniversarry.  Talk about pressure to bring on a memorable day x__x;;

So this year I've been thinking about how my previous years were stressful yes, but I didn't have to deal with break outs.  What kind of a date is it if you're not confident about yourself! 
On the bright side, I've come very far since the begining of my obsession with makeup.  Well...I'm still not a pro at it, but this year I've actually got a Valentine's Day look!

In my opinion, like almost every holiday, you get away with a bit more dramatic makeup even in the day.  Although my look isn't that crazy, I think it's dramatic enough that it'll tie you over till dark ^_~ so you can have fun without touching up!
Here it is with my eyes closed
Here it is with them open =D

@_@ I always seem to run out of time.  Wish me luck!

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