June 29, 2010

Eurecin Review

I think I've found my new love! 

I know I've read that Eurecin has been known to calm the skin, but there aren't very much near where I live.  However a couple of weeks back I went down to the states for a day trip.  On my way home I was just browsing through riteaid and saw some.  They were on sale so I thought "why not".  I was wondering which one I should pick up.  The night cream was the last of my list.

I have really sensitive skin and something really thick would effect my skin in a negative way.  But I was reading though the ingredients and I found licorice root in it!  Licorice root was in one of the higher end lotions I was using.

I picked it up and I used it last night.  I wanted to wait to do a formal review.  But this morning I had no redness on my face and alot of my acne cooled down!


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