July 4, 2010

Nivea Visage Gentle Toner Review

I've been turned off of toners, because the one I used a long time ago was alcohol-based.  My skin dries out very easily so when I was using that toner, my skin looked terrible!  But I was looking through Shopper's and saw a pink bottle of toner.  That's terrible to base your decision on the colour of the packaging, buuut I did end up looking at the ingredients and it was alcohol free.  Instead most of it's ingredients were water and glycerin. 

On my normal skin care routine, I typically use the toner after I wash my face.  However sometimes my sleeping schedule becomes sporadic and I sometimes only sleep a couple of hours in between.  If i just washed my face and I have to get up 4-5 hours later, I typically just skip washing my face and go straight to the toning. 

This product is super gentle, but effective.  It doesn't dry out my skin and in fact it leaves it lightly moisturized.  Extra dirt gets cleaned off, which keeps breakouts at minimum =)

I'm already on my second bottle and I don't find the need to search for another toner~


  1. Nice readable blog and posts for those who wants to get a lovely and beautiful skin.

  2. aahh thanks @___@
    it's good to know I'm doing a good job at making things readable instead of just blabbering XD