December 3, 2010

New hair style?

Ahhh the work of the professional.  Viki needed some hair models so I volunteered and I so didn't regret!  This looks 10000000x better than the one I tried.
Watching her do my hair I really learned a lot!

Hair turned out great, we'll see how I do for Play!
(Play! is a video game orchestra XD haha nerdy I know)

What she used:
(btw she started with dry hair)
heat protectant (important)
1 inch curling iron
comb (for back combing)
soft wax
hair spray

I'll let you know how Play! turns out~


  1. Viki is the god of hair in vancouver lol XD

  2. yes, yes she it XD
    >___> hope I'll have learned enough to reproduce this look

  3. That is hawt! lol Viki always does a good job on hair.