December 28, 2010

I caved D=

I don't think I've wanted some of these things so bad D=
But I don't think I could hold out on these anymore >_<
Although I need to go back to sephora I could have swor the makeup forever was on sale =/
In any case X3 I loooove what I got
Haha I was actually watching beauty broadcast and she meantioned these glosses with lip pencil thing and it made her lips so nice a glossy but pigmented in the most natural way.  OOhhh I loved it
I'm thinking of switching over to just these glosses and lip pencils from now on XD

Oh I was supposed to go to the states today with my bf, but we ended getting to the line up of the border and we were like "**** this D="  The freaking line was backed up all the way to the high way

So kind of dissapointed we ended up going to surry to pick up some krispy kreme XD

But on the high way there's this strip mall in the middle of nowhere lol
There ended up being a Lulu Lemon warehouse sale and I found these tron looking fitted workout pants
XD nailed it!

Then across the street, there was a winners and I found the most unique hoodie in the area @___@ well I find.  It was a blue hoodie but the unique thing about it is that it's made of lace XD woahhhh

And this cute top @__@;; I don't know how I'm going to wear all these yet but I'll figure it out XD


  1. Woohh cute finds! lol I caved too. Don't worry >_>;; I blame all this Boxing Day shopping extravaganza!!!

  2. Cute bedding =) and those are such great finds ^__^!

  3. XD hee thanks~

    the bedding's a throw blanket from target X3
    it's been so cold this winter that I just needed that extra warmth lol