December 9, 2010

This may be obvious to some, but sometimes I take my knowelege for granted!

I was just on 4chan XD lol no I wasn't on /d/
But this person (male) asked suggestions of things he could do to cover up his acne scars (I presume he's also a cosplayer)

So out of sheer nothingness to do, I decided I really wanted to answer that question!

As I was spewing out answers (it felt like my fingers wouldn't let me type fast enough!) I realised I may not be professional, but there was quite a bit of information I could pass on to somebody and let them know some precautions they could take!

Even though cosplaying is no longer my world T___T sadly, I still love makeup and skin care!

I can probably do some coplay makeup series.  Like from basic caring for face from day to day, to caring for face on a loooonng day like conventions. 

Then I could also talk about basic makeup like foundations, liners, etc and let them know which ones are worth looking into.

Then, I'll come out with informational tips and such for crazier and more challenging looks.

I'm really liking this idea X3


  1. I totally agree! (Though I think I'm more idiotic with skincare XD) I'm good with make up suggestions and every time I see a /cgl/ post about make up, i'm always tempted in suggesting something D:

    Never do though.... I just lurk XD

  2. haha I never thought I'd say something either
    I must have been super bored XD
    but some of the things that were said was just ...
    I don't know I feel bad for people who believe it