January 30, 2011

haul time!!! (pic super heavy @___@)

I think I've decided that valentines day is going to be my next favourite "holiday" XD
Just think about it =)
You get to dress up like halloween, buuut less work is involved
Plusssss there's so many things with hearts on them @_____@
My bf and I went on a random shopping trip to the states again XD hahahaha

Picked up some things that we can't get here...like all of it!
 And I think I found my new favourite lip balm ommggg it's sooo good
Okok I'm going to admit, I've been seeing the signs of aging
especially around my eyes and lips.  D= lines so not hot

Such bad timing because I bought all these nice lipsticks but I can't wear them because it just looks terrible.  Sometimes I think it's the combination of my dry house and age.

Lip balms don't work for the most part...Like all the lip balms I used to swear by no longer cut it for me T__T;;

I thought I had to just stop wearing lipstick.. It was really that bad.  I wasn't even looking out for this lip balm today but my lips were so dry and I forgot my lip balm..again XD;;

It has some shimmer but I can't say it has pigmentation, which is fine because I love it as a lip balm...which it clearly says on the side of the tube XD

I do like the packaging, it has the company name, then the description of what it does XD

BTWs I looove this toner.  It sucks that I can't find it in Canada anymore.  I was watching kokolaroo and she was raving about this toner and how it's the best toner she's tried.  My god she was right O__O

I love the way it makes my skill look ^___^

Here is a close up of what it says it does
This is part of Boots Botanical line
Which I really love their eye makeup remover too

Also I'm super excited to try this foundation.  I found it in Rite Aid.
I'm only iffy on cream foundations but look at the spf!!
I love powder sunscreen I thin it's so multi purpose, but this is even more multipurpose!

I only got to test this out on my skin so far, I don't know about lasting power, but it's definately a sheer to medium coverage.

Packaging is kind of stupid though...buuut it's more sturdy than the maybelline dream smooth moose.

This is their lightest shade which is in classic ivory I think.  I got rediculously pale in the past couple of weeks for some reason...
@__@ I hate it when my skin does that
this is why I wanted a new foundation

I really like that it's sheer to medium coverage though.  I like my high coverage, but at the same most of my time is spent casually so I don't really want to look out of place with my face full of makeup lol

Remember this?  Yes this is my second one.  I think this is the first cosmetic related thing I got a two of because I finished the first one! XD

Though this time I got it in medium beige.  You gotta be careful, even if you're on the paler side, get a shade down because it really gives a white-ish cast.  (probably from the sunscreen)

And finally!!!
The new physician's formula stuff I've been lusting after!
I saw a bunch of gurus on youtube buy this and I knew that vancouver wouldn't have it D=

LOL I totally need these in my life XD

I'm still kind of confused as to whether these are finishing powders or highlights...
They're on the shimmery side..but not very shimmery.  If it was a highlight it'd be a very muted finish.
Why I didn't get everything is because I don't need a million bronzers, I have alot still.  I'm still not very big on bronzers and I didn't get their blush is because it's a very rosey colour. 
I look terrible with rosey colours mostly and I have a crap ton of blushes still @___@

Which I love so I didn't bother.

Hey  I love packaging but I still want to love the product ^__^

Close up view, this one's called beige

and this one's translucent

Each compact comes with a mirror and a brush underneith

I'm still not a big fan of their brush, buuut this is actually alot nicer than their normal brushes @__@ I may use them afterall XD

This also have a nice lavender scent to them!  Ohhh it's so fun putting this stuff on ^___^


  1. Great blog ideas! I know that I'll benefit from it in many ways(Especially the makup!). -xoxo Faith

  2. I love pic heavy hauls ^_^. I love those mood boosters to I only have one and I love it lol. The smell is amazing, I wish they'd make a perfume so I could wear it lol.

  3. thanks <3

    @ DarlingV : hey do you know if they're supposed to be highlighters or just powder
    because I've tried it as a highlighter...and it didn't seem to do much @__@
    when I tried to use it as a all over powder though it was really nice looking =)

  4. Nice haul! I want to try the PF happy booster powder! It looks like it would be a lovely highlighter..