January 23, 2011

^___^ my skincare stuff are getting love !

So as of right now I just used up my Arbonne corrective eye creme!  I know I should be sad because it's a really good eye cream, but I already have my next eye cream that I know I'll enjoy >=)

I honestly don't remember when I started using this, but the packaging says that after opened I have a year to use.  Which I didn't take thaat long, but I think I used it enough to think it's good value for the price!

I have to thanks this eye cream for saving my eyes from so much damage.  A combination of winter's intense cold, and extremely dry central heating system and tugging on my eyes with contact lenses, my eyes looked like they belonged to a girl of late 30s

Not cool >=/

I think I've learned my lesson with contact lenses and well taking care of my skin in general.

You think i would have learned that by now.  LOL

I can never get past how fragile the eye area really is @___@

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