January 21, 2011

Oh daiso, you get me every time =/

So I've been wanting one of those hair bands that have wires in them so I can do that cute hair style when my roots grow in XD

Also when my hair is up I like to put lots of decoration because I think it looks plain without it?

All in all I think I went a little crazy on hair stuff at daiso lol

And to think all I went in for was a nice container that won't leak to put my olive oil in, which I did find thankfully

I don't know how it'll perform yet, but here's hoping!

On a side note about olive oil, originally I used olive oil to take off my makeup because I didn't want to keep on buying new expensive eye makeup remover.  Because I use it up so quickly, it broke my wallet very easily x___x
But then I realised I stressed my eye area less, because I'm putting less chemicals there.  My eyes have taken a break from chemicals for a while and they are thanking me =)

OOOOhhh I forgot to meantion that those keychain things on the bottom right of the photo are hair ties actually.  They're made specifically for odango hair style!

I saw my cousin's friend use it in Shanghai while I was visiting @___@ damn she is so pretty


  1. I didn't know daiso had usamimi~ I wonder if they will be popular again this spring/summer :) I might have to go pick up some too hehe

  2. I think they're pretty new. Most times I go to daiso I keep an eye out for hair stuff
    X3 been alot more interested in decorating my hair ever since I've been blond XD hahaaa
    btwssss x___x we never got to hang out!