July 23, 2010

Arbonne haul time/ mini review =)

They're a new company (we relatively new) You need to find a representative to get these products and I think they're a great price for the kind of products you get.  The ladies are very helpful and go into detail about your skin and how it works and what's good for it.  It was like a mini science class (but I didn't fall asleep this time XD ) You order with them and then it comes a week later in a neat little package like this =D

Call me a sucker for the most superficial things, but it makes me so happy that it comes in a cute little package!  I only got 3 things.  I wanted to get so much more, but I kept reminding myself of the pile of things I'm waiting to use still ^_^;;

But there were three things that I was absolutely in love with.  Well I was definitely in love with them when I was testing them out.  I've used two of the three things already. 
I had gotten brightening hand and body creme, eye cream, and spf lip balm.

So far I can say that the eye cream is pretty good.  Much better than the one I was using before. =___=;; I'll make a review on it.  (It was such a waste of money)  I really like this eye cream though, it does a good job at brightening my under eye area and it fills in fine lines.  Though I get the feeling like it does it temporarily.  But then again I do tug at my under eye area a lot since I wear contacts..and I squint XD

I'm trying to get rid of that habit, so alot of the times I catch myself squinting and then I force myself out of it by doing this half surprised look.  XD;; it's so lame, but I seems to be working.

But moving on to the next thing, which is the spf lip balm.  I like it a lot, but I think it needs to be prepped with another lip conditioner.  At least for me and it's because my lips are suuuper sensitive.  I really mean it.  If it doesn't agree with something it'll just hive and blotch and I'll end up looking like a burn victim for a month...Yeah it's that bad.

The lip balm is good, it doesn't contain petroleum or silicon or paraben.  Which is a big BIG plus, because I think of how much lip product I actually ingest and it's kind of disgusting.  I put this stuff on and I don't need to do anything else to keep it moisturized for the rest of the day. =) it's pretty great.

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