July 15, 2010

Wonder Curler Review

This electric eyelash curler works kind of like a traditional eyelash curler in the sense that it crimps your eyelash.  It requires 2 AAA batteries and has a temperature sensitive silicon pad that changes colour when it's ready to be used.  It retails for about $10.00 but I got it for $5.00

Why I got it discounted?  I found it at Winners.  I looked into the company a little bit and couldn't find anything about them.  There was a url on the box, but that link goes nowhere.  So I assume they went out of business. 

Why review a product that can't be bought anymore?  Because there are tons of products like it.  It's just that this one particular company went out of business. 

I have to say I've wanted one for a while, but then I forgot about it.  My eyelashes were never anything spectacular.  Yes I use mascara and yes I use a regular eyelash curler, but it never did anything major.  I naturally have course hair so my eyelashes tend to just stick straight.

But then I was watching a video from meepo's channel and saw that she bought this at Winners.  I saw it myself at my local Winners and picked it up.  I'm glad to say it works very well.  It heats up quickly and my curl is so much more noticeable. 

I can't believe how much more feminine I look now that I can see my eyelashes!

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