July 11, 2010

Product Fail

So I was thinking that I was doing a lot of rave reviews, but it wasn't all that easy finding the stuff I really like.  When I started to get things, people's opinions really made an influence on the things I wanted to buy (still do).  So obviously when I heard people rave about something I had to go get it.

Which did not end well I must say @___@;;
I did end up getting a lot of things I regret buying so I was thinking of doing a simple little "these products fail" type of entries =D

A while back I was looking for a good lip conditioner, because my lips are horribly dry and they crack and peel a lot.  C.O. Bigelow was really popular then, especially their rose salve.  At first I really liked it.  It was super moisturizing and it lasted for a really long time.  But I noticed recently that after a while it likes to travel all over my face, but mainly to my chin.  Which is horrible because I have a ton of tiny breakouts that aren't going away.  So fail -__-


  1. ah, lip treatments always end up all over my face too : \ There's supposedly a really good lipbalm called EOS? i guess only available in the states. i'm going to see if i can find it at the CVS or something here XD I'll get you one too eh?

  2. =O omg I would love that!
    I've been stalking their website. They're always sold out on the lemon one?