August 9, 2010

Haul time~

So my bf came back from his vacation and he brought me back a little something X3
First of all I'd like to say I think it's funny how he had to go asia to get me a viva glam cindy ^^::
For serious, I'm starting to get annoyed with MAC; I went to their store and asked for the viva cindy and the girl very politely said that they sold out, but if I wanted to be on their mail list, they could contact me.  They never did D=

Anyways~ onto the hauulll <3

While he was in singapore, I asked for some dolly wink stuff.  I would have thought that it would have been cheaper.  But no...aparantly they were super expensive D=
>___< but I've been hearing so many raves on their liquid eyeliner and eylash glue that I couldn't not ask ;___;  Also he got me some solid perfumes and a bust lift XD;;
Ok I'm too young to use the bust lift but I thought it would be good in a year or so.  Preventing is key right?

BAM close-up of dolly wink XD


  1. omg !! i want some dolly wink >_< but yeah, it is so expensive! I have their lash glue. Koji lash glue (maker of dolly wink) is god tier! better than the stupid ardell stuff :d
    lol the bust lift XD

  2. dude I gotta rage sometimes to think that our stuff is so expensive and not even that great @_@

    lol hey prevention is key right?