August 15, 2010

prepping back to school hauln' (pic heavy ish?)

I've been trying not to buy more small trinkets and junk into the home, but @__@ with school coming up, I realised I don't have anymore school supplies.  >__>;; haha call me crazy but I do enjoy shopping for stationary and cuteness!

The next thing has nothing to do with school, but I got something I normally wouldn't get.  I ordered online ( actually did a lot of online shopping for some reason) and I ended up getting a rock & republic blush in call me XD ahhh it's sooo pretty!

It a really soft peachy rose colour that I think is very appropriate for fall and even winter.  It's very pigmented and I think it will last for a really long time.  Plus I know this shouldn't matter, but the packaging is so detailed! 

And last I got some more euricin stuff.  I liked the night cream so much, I bought the rest of the line.  Here's hoping these don't break me out either!


  1. You did a great job picking the Eucerin. It really a good brand. And for the blush I never heard of it, but I like color.

    And don't worry we all have that tendency to buy for cuteness.

  2. X3 omg I don't even know why I didn't try eucerin sooner. Its been working so well for me~ The redness in my cheeks have gone down dramatically @__@

    >__>;;; haha it's such a bad habbit though
    D= somehow I always get suckered by packaging lol