August 23, 2010

blonde or not blonde?

I just realised that after so many years of debating whether I wanted to go blonde, I should have just gone for it.  I mean I didn't look terrible in my natural hair colour...but somehow it didn't look too nice.  It made my features so much more sharp and noticeabley misplaced I guess you could say.

I mean compare pre blonde

and post blonde

I think the blonde gives me a better complexion that's not that too harsh.  the colours that make up me work better together.  It even kind of makes my eyes stand out more!  X3 oh man I can't believe I didn't go blond sooner~

I just hope I don't look back a few years later and wonder why I did it.  I know we all make mistakes with our choices.  But sometimes when we take a big risk it pays off..sometimes it blows up in our faces.  here's hoping that when I look back to these photos, I don't horrify myself XD;;

It better be worth it.  My experience with bleachig happened to be on the more extreme side >__>
it took 6-7 hours mang D=  At the end of it I wiped my stylist of bleach x__X;;
and it still wasn't enough.  I had to go back again for a touch-up

I was also afraid of going too blonde and REALLY killing my hair.  I remember when my bf had his hair bleached when we were younger...LOL He told me he went to a crapy hair place... whew glad I didn't skimp out on my hair!  His hair was dry and hard and that left me a little (alot) shaken about going too blonde.

Luckily my hair stylist said that I could go a shade or two lighter and my hair would still be fine.  =) Lucky I think I do want to go lighter. X3 it's been looking good for my complextion so far! 


  1. I think Viki has a good concept of which kind of blond looks good w/ asian complexions. I personally love it :D looks really good!

  2. =D thanks~ now to decide if I want to go a shade lighter or stay like this..I think I'm leaning towards lighter hair

  3. this sounds weird, but i think the blonde looks more flattering and 'natural' too. =) you look amazing as a blonde! i think a colour like palty sparkling blonde looks good !

  4. ahh thanks~ <3
    though as tempting as it is to get palty box dyes, I'm never using box dye again D=
    stripping my hair colour was such a pain!

  5. Blond looks really good on you. I'm curious; did you lighten your eyebrows too? If so, was it with bleach?

  6. Actually that was one of the questions I had asked my hair stylist. But she told me it wasn't worth it. All I had to do was groom my eyebrows so it was neat and short and put a light eyebrow pencil/gel on top. I find that using the lightest shade will even out the darkness.
    She said that if you insist on using bleach, make sure you use eyebrow bleach. (also be careful, getting bleach in your eyes is serious business. Needless to say @__@ I just wish you the best laa~)