August 8, 2010

product fail timmeee =)


I've been meaning to do this a while.  I'm actually fusterated with this because I have so many.  The reason being that I bought this when I first started my interest in skin care aka when my natural youth glow stopped ~__~ lol

But anyways continuing on why I have so many.  I got this when bath and body works wasn't in Van so I went on a trip to the States and I was overwhelmed with all the scents you could get in a lotion.  Well that was just unheard of @___@

There was also the deal they normally have that if you buy however many you get that much free.  So I ended up getting 6 of their signature collection body lotion. 

For the first two months I LOVED the stuff.  Not only did it help make me smell amazing, it was pretty moisturizing.  But at that time I only moisturized my arms lightly.  So I'm stuck with a giant amount first of all.  When I decided to try to use more by lotioning my whole body after a shower (like you're supposed to lol) I noticed it was gross! 

It took forever to sink in and while I had to wait (I'm not a patient person at all) I still had to do things.  I got lotion everywhere!

Also I'm still learning the science behind skin care and found out the reason why they're so inexpensive.  It may sound great that they use mineral oils and vitamins, but first of all, the amount of vitamins are very low.  Second of all the alot of the mineral oils just coat your skin to "lock" moisture in.  It sound pleasing until you realize it's trapping alot of other garbage your skin is trying to expell.

So as much as I was trying to use it up, I think it's time for me to face my mistake and throw the bunch out T__T;


  1. ugh : | i don't like the bath & body works "signature" collection, either. i tried them out when I was applying for a job XD and they are gross!

  2. dude they totally do
    oooh when you get back to van, you need to try this lotion @__@
    you put it on and you can feel it starting to get absorbed <3
    no more lotion on everything I touch!