October 17, 2010

mascara, mascara, which do I choose @__@?

So I have short stubby lashes.  Like ultimately stubby lashes and since my kind of hair is corse and thick, so are my lashes.  That would be great if I had long lashes, c'ept I don't...I have the shortest lashes ever annnnd they don't curl!

Ok I lie I have to use my heated eye lash curler to get them to curl. and even then they go back to the way they where...straight =___=;;

So in all my looks, I never emphasize my lashes ^^;;

Which is no fair, because lashes make the look so much more flashy right?

Well along the way I've tried lots of mascaras

You'd think that I would like lengthening mascaras better, but they give me that creepy spider leg lashes.  D= not attractive~

I like volumizing mascaras better, the only problem is that I don't need more volume, so my lashes look lush, but still stubby ^^;  a while back I tried the L'oreal telescopic explosion mascara, but it ended up not working for my lashes.  Cuz when I applied it, it felt like nothing went on..D=

On the other hand with L'oreal voluminous mascara, it tends to make my lashes look clumpy, but it defintately makes a difference.  With it on I can actually see my lashes without sticking my face in a mirror XD;;

I've since then gone through a couple of tubes of the stuff X3
I've deviated every now and then to find something better, but I always go back to it
Too bad I don't have access to majolica majorca, otherwise I'd try their mascaras. I hear they're really good for asian eyelashes (stubby and very stubornly straight lashes)

But you know what works best?

pic 1 is original lip colour~ D= I know such deep lip colour, makes putting light lip shade so much harder =__=;;

and some cam whoring cuz I felt like all my effort to put on fake lashes for no good reason deserves some pics for me to remember X3

hey in this pic do I kind of look like lightening from ffxiii? XD

lol sorry I abused photoshop, I forgot to put on lipstick XD;; and was too lazy to put on lipstick
taking pics of yourself is damn hard XP
pic 2 and 3 has photoshopped lip colour
lol that makes me sound like pro at photoshop, no I just used sponge on my lips XD;;


  1. I love love fake lashes! I'm just a lil too lazy to put them on - haha! I'm such a butt XD

  2. you're hair looks alot like lightnings hairstyle yes! XD haha and the serious face too lol ~
    lashes look really nice ;o i put them on everyday lol XD

  3. @___@ guy I'm like terri, I can't put them on everyday~ I'm afraid they'll fall off part way through the day

    how do you do it? XD