October 15, 2010

Did I meantion I love Halloween?

So it's been a while again ^^;;
School's been kicking my ass full on D=

So this is incredibly late, but a friend had invited me to her birthday party.  It was great, I had so much fun even though I couldn't make it to her first half of the thing. 

@_@ I think this was the first themed birthday party that I went to?  Which is ultimately fine by me because I love dressing up XD (haha everybody and their grandmother would know)  So the theme was gothic vampire.  That was simple and completely in my comfort zone. 

I should have taken a picture of myself before the party, but luckily my makeup stayed until after the party..though my hair looked better when I first styled it D=
Oh well maybe next time~ 

I feel lucky that I came across the arbonne eyeliner, because BAM because this picture was taken 10 hours after I initially put on the eyeliner XD
I'd say that's a win~

I had prepped my skin the day prior and on the day with:
Tibetan Saffron pearl whitening mask
Arbonne revelage brightening hand cream with spf 30
appripriate facial creams and lotion
Neutrogena ultra sheer water-light daily face sunscreen spf 45

What I had on that day included:
Maybelline dream smooth moose in 150 classic ivory
Maybelline mineral power healthy perfection powder foundation 3 light
Beauty factory 120 eye shadow palette
Arbonne eyeliner ebony
No. 7 stay perfect mascara
Mac Viva Cindy
Big Sexy hair spray


  1. you look amazing ! <3

  2. That liner looks amazing! and not to mention that Viva Cindy looks awesome too~

    hawt <3