October 23, 2010

New look to blog ^__^

Wheew I finally got the motive to make over my blog (but not really) I was just curious as to what blogspot had to offer in terms or pre-made creativity. 

And what I mean is that not everyone has the time or the patience or the brilliance to do some of the things webmasters can create (terri lol)
No matter how much you both hate ccs or html nesting @__@ in the end they'll have a work of art, I'll have a blank page with broken codes lol

But it turns out blogspot does give you quite a bit of freedom in what you can do with your blog!
Everything is kind of dumbed down for us common fold XD

I remember on live journal, I had to find out the exact code for a colour I wanted and that meant finding a good colour generator @__@ pain in my behind no?

This theme may be a tad late, but I love it X3


  1. Thats why I loooove blogspot... such an easy user interface~ haha!! I know your pain with LJ codes ><

  2. ooh I know I said this already on your blog but your new pics are amazingly adorable @___@
    like something I'd see on a magazine! <3