October 16, 2010

RIP I won't miss you =P (pic heavy)

I've been told I'm kind of a pack rat.. I have to admit it's been true.
Now over a year and a half later of too much makeup purchases, I've learned to only buy things that I really want or really need.  My journey is filled with mistakes D=

Mistakes like buying products that don't work for my skin to products that just flat out suck.  Either way I don't use them ^^;;
And I don't want to throw them away because I bought it right? x__X;;

But it's time now that I'm tired of the clutter and I think to myself, if I don't ever use it and I never have the will to use it, why keep it around.  So I'm ready to start saying goodbye to them

Might I say a little bit about each?

first of all the two eyeliners don't stay on my eyes.  Yes I've tried to desperately to use them up, but I don't think I can anymore.  I don't think I want to go through my day afraid of what I actually look like in the mirror, because chances are I look like I've been crying without waterproof mascara D= 

 It goes without saying that these were bought when I first started to experiment with makeup and didn't really know what was good on the market.  Since then I've also come over some other bad cover girl products.  I don't think that brand works well for me. 

Personally I don't have anything against quo, per say, but they do make some things that are kind of disappointing. Especially since they're supposed to be the quality no-name brand. So they are pricy for what they are.  Sometimes they're great, sometimes they utterly fail.  Like this lash glue.  It's supposed to be clear, which I thought great! It's because I so fail at putting on fake lashes lol~ but then when I used it, it dried into cement!  I had such a hard time taking the lashes off.  Even with oil based makeup remover, it stuck to my eyelids and in the end a fair bit of my real lashes also went with it...not cool D=

Ever since my face pulled the "now I want to be oily" card, I've always been on a look out for a good powder to you know keep the oil from dripping down my face through out the day.  (seriously ~__~ it's so bad right now)  I've used cover girl (also wasn't a big fan), maybelline, and physician's formula.  The last one I bought, the powder was soft and silky and it was so easy to pick up product and apply.  Plus it's talc free so I liked the idea.  Unfortunately the packaging sucks.  when I went on a trip to asia, it got broken the luggage

 Buuuut I did end up using it all up, though I can't get the last bit on the sides.  Well I can, but I'll end up breaking a brush along the way~ seeee XD

 So anyways enter the new powder.  It's also by physician's formula and it's part of their bamboo wear line.  It comes with a compact that swivels and it's made of bamboo. I think they're trying to promote eco-friendliness or something (don't quote me, I'm not sure ^^:)  Any whoos, you'd think the same company would make the same kind of pressed powder...NOPE  This freaking compact oxidizes like nobody's business.  It's all beat up looking because I tried to revive it multiple times.  =___=;; I give up

Next are two of the deepest hate-regret products.  the Red one is my first face brush and the white one was on my quest to find a decent fluffy blending brush.  I loved elf's "c" brush and I had fallen in love with synthetic brushes, because they can be so much softer than real hair.  My face is really sensitive (which is really a downer, because that limits in what I can use on my face)  Both are so rough.  But I've kept them for this long for some reason.  I look at them now and I think why'd I keep them for that long @___@ geez nothing but grief for my face~

And lastly a no brainer,  I bought lip balm type of products from a) a brand I've never heard ever and b) a form of lip moisturizer that I've never heard of.  Both are bad ideas.  The first felt like candle wax and the second was like putting canola oil on my face..ew


  1. Oh man. This is why I hate buying products I'm not sure about, or I haven't read much about. Lol Every time I buy something, it's either researched to hell or recommended.

    I should do one of these posts XD

  2. oh please do!
    @__@ maybe it'll prevent me from future mistakes~

  3. you should try duo lash glue..expensive but works well!

  4. so I keep hearing, but it's so hard to find duo lash glue
    maybe I'm looking in the wrong places lol!
    though I know this may not help, but on my trip in shanghai, I found a dark lash glue that comes in a tube with a brush
    makes my life alot easier X3