October 26, 2010

Review time! ( Etival Ener-C)

So ever since my facial, I've been exfoliating more regularly, which has been working out great by the way X3  But the fact that I've been taking off dead skin cell, means the layer underneith is brighter, leaving my face to appear much MUCH lighter than the rest of my body.  So I've been wanting to try a brightening serum.  I was in shoppers and just asked the cosmotisian.  She recommended ETIVAL laboratoire Ener-C, brightening serum with multi-pro and vitamin C ester

Let me say that it was over priced D=
Also it didn't work miracles ~__~;; not even close
I mean it did do the job, but at around $40 canadian (tax included) for 30 mL, I don't think it worked very well considering.  Yes, it did give me a temporary fix and I think over a period of time and it did give my skin a brighter appearance (slightly) lol

It also says that it's supposed to firm the skin too.  Ok that I did not see at all, unless they mean for you to continue using after one bottle.  But that wouldn't make sense because then why would they make the bottle so small?  To look less expensive? D=

The texture is not like other serums I've tried.  You know most serums kind of look semi-transparant, and have kind of a liquidy consistancy.  This was white (like a moisturizer) and had a more stiff consistancy (like a moisturizer lol)
In the ingredients it did say it had alot of different type of citrus related products, but I'm not sure if that was enough to make it like a serum I'm more accustomed to.

Overall, it was an ok product, made some difference to my skin, but not enough to be worth that price.
I think I that was fair wasn't it? =D

I would some of their other products if their cost to effect ratio was a little better~

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