November 28, 2010

Review time! (Maybelline Eye Studio)

As you all know I love Maybelline products =^__^=
I don't think I've ever been super dissapointed in anything I've gotten. 

Why I decide to try gel liners again was that the last one I tried had great staying power.  I just didn't like the fact that you had to clean the brush constantly after every use.  However the pros heavily outweighs the cons.

I've been hearing mixed reviews of this particular product and I just wanted to know for myself.  Because if it'll work for me it'll work for anybody. 

You may know that almost nothing stays on my eyes.  Which includes Urban Decay 24/7 liners (which have been raved again and again to be one of the best liners), which I can say that they're only ok.  So for that price I'd like to say no thank you.

This gel liner came with it's own brush, which I thought "ugh another crappy brush that I'll never use"
But not true, it's actually a decent brush, comparable to my E.L.F. professional liner brush. 

It comes with 0.106 oz / 3 g

The lid is made of hard plastic and I find seals better than the L'oreal H.I.P gel liner (though I loved that liner, it dried out too quickly)

I've only had the Maybelline liner for less than a month, so I'll let you know if it dried out too quickly~

It looks soft but the consistansy is actually quite stiff.  Which I think  is actually a good thing.  The first time I used L'oreal's HIP gel liner, I was a little bit too enthusiastic and made a giant hole in it, which is fine, but I had to massively clean the brush XD;;

This gives you a much better control of how much product you need.  I can also say that it has 7.5/10 opaque result.

I've since tried it without a powder to go over top and I have to say that the staying power is also mediocre. 

I'd say better than the Urban Decay liner though.

But not as good as my Arbonne pencil linerrrrrr X3
man I love that stuff XD


I wouldn't rebuy, because it still smudges a little
I am however it doesn't smudge too much and it's still useable
^__^ money not completely wasted!

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  1. Oooh~ Doesn't look that bad for a drugstore gel liner, eh? Lol I still stand by the MAC Fluidline as far as gel/cream liners go. And I agree, I hate having to wash the brush after using the gel liners : |