November 6, 2010

Review time! Bath things~

So it's winter time, and the weather is cold and extra harsh on the skin so as always it's good to start your good skin care in the shower!

I used to use bar soap, because they are more accessible and they tend to be more gentle.  Then I discovered Bath and Body Works!

I loooove their shower gels.  They aren't super moisturizing, in fact I don't find them moisturizing in general, but I feel so clean afterward and it smells amazing! I'm especially loving Velvet Tuberose for the winter. I feel like it's just heavy enough without giving me a headache.

I know I like to promote natural products for the skin, but I can't find another product that makes me feel as clean~

I was into Lush soap for a while, because they smell equally nice and they are natural versus the Bath and Body Works shower gel.  I think they are both good enough to mention.
Right now, I think I lean towards the shower gel because I like using the shower puff thing and it's so convenient.  I think the soap bar is a bit more work to lather into a foam, which if you know me, I like the easy XD

Something to complain about though, is the Aveeno Eczema Skincare Body Wash.  Ok ok I admit it's kind of moisturizing, but I just can't get over the fact that it smells like chalk.  My body gets pretty dry and itchy, so I thought this was a good idea, but it wasn't!! It claims to gently cleanse and moisturize itchy, red, and extra dry skin.  The end result isn't like that.  In fact it felt like I didn't take a shower at all. Sounds kind of disgusting? I think so @__@;;

Won't be purchasing that again D=...


  1. Oooh Are the Bath&Body Shower Gels waaaaay better than their lotions? I hate their lotions, but they smell so good.

    I want super smooth and supple skin XD all over my body!!! Gimme some tips!

  2. yeah I kind of fell into their sale trap ^^;;
    I bought sooo many of their lotions and I tried to use them up, but I hated them.
    But their shower gels are really nice~
    They don't feel like they strip you of everything, but they give you a very clean feeling.
    I was so thankful I brought some to shanghai/hong kong/vietnam XD
    if you have dry skin like me after your steaming shower, put on some good body butter~ I've got a review of body butters coming up!