November 22, 2010

Haul time =D

Sorry for the no post!  Just moved hehe it's been a lil hectic!  So it's officially terrible to live here D=   It's -10 C aaaand it's humid here, so the "wet" air is feels a lot colder.  To make things worse, it's extra windy.  I don't like the fact that there are a lot of jackets that I can't wear because yes, I'll be warm on top, but FREEZING on the bottom D=

Here are some things that will make me feel better lol XD
I was in Winners just to stop by and check out the holiday perfumes and such and I ended up finding these chocolate bars.  It really reminds me of L4D for some reason so I couldn't resist X3

Okok chocolate isn't really a necessity, but gloves definately are.  Last year I lost my leather gloves, so I needed a new pair.  I'm not too sure they're real leather, but it works for me.  All I care about is that it blocks wind (my hand gets cold so easily x___x) and the fact that they're so damn cute XD

Closer view of the back, I love the detailing @___@ so romantic~

When I was in the States, I didn't pick up much makeup/beauty wise, but I did end up getting these things.  I love the Eucerin line and while I was there I couldn't resist getting a new variation to try.  Plus so much cheaper to get in the states laaaa~
Also I've been wanting to get a powder sunscreen with high spf (review coming up soooon)
And after watching secretlifeofbionerd, I had to try aquaphor for myself.  I think it's a great alternative for a lot of things, maybe I'll do a review/ how to post~

Random, I went to Daiso and picked up another headband and this dainty tape and cute gift bags to decorate gifts hehe~

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