November 7, 2010

Haul time!!

I was watching youtube vids again X3;;

And I remembered there was some stuff I wanted to get at target~
They always get the cutest hello kitty stuff @___@ cannot resist man~

These were a dollar each XD
So cute and practical, they have magnets on the back of the notes so that you can remember stuff~

Sorry this is a terrible picture, but I love the throw blanket and the pink towel =D

What I'm most excited about are these.  I know it's already winter and I'm pale as crap now D= But I still feel like I should wear a good spf.  Fortunately physician's formula makes a powder form.  Good, because I don't like putting oily stuff on my face anyways.  It usually feels like it's going to slide off my face, but not the powder!
I think it feels like not only will it protect me from uv light, but it's a decent setting powder.  This feels like their regular consistancy for pressed powders.  Not like their fail one D= which oxydized the moment I used it.


  1. woh I didn't know PF made a sunscreen in powder form o_O dude. I'm going to jump right on to that. I HATE any kind of liquid sunscreen on my face. It feels heavy, and at the end of the day, I feel so gross.

  2. right? XD
    nutrigena makes one specifically for the face and I admit it's a lot better than any other liquid face sunscreen, but it still feels kind of oily lol especially since I put on makeup almost every day XD;;