November 7, 2010

Review time! (rating and compare!)

Whooh I feel like I'm getting into another groove of writing X3
So this post is kind of special.  I've been waiting 2 years to write this review and comparison, because I felt like I needed enough time and used a wide variety of products for me to write about this. 

My body runs of the dry side.  Even in the summer I need a moisturizer to give me that youthful glow (which I'm already supposed to have lol).  So now that it's winter I find that it's especially important to use good moisturizer. 

Now I've complained about bath and body works moisturizers before, and I even though they said that they just reformulated it, I don't actually have an urge to go try them.  Their body creams are not bad, nice to use if you want something to play with?

Something that is definately worth your time are Body Shop's body butter.  Their new stock are all paraben free and they are cruelty free.  One of their main ingredients are coco butter, which I find "melts" into the skin so easily.  You have to let it sink in for a little bit (it is a body butter after all XD) but after less than 5 minutes, I can do my daily things. 

L'occitane make a great hand cream, but I find that it's a thicker product and for it's consistancy, it absorbs into the skin fairly fast.  But since it is such a thick product, I only use it on my hands, elbows, knees, and ankles. 

On the lower end of the spectrum, Victoria's Secret also makes some great body butters.  I was shocked.  I only bought one because it smelled good X3 I know that's bad; that's exactly how I ended up with 6 Bath and Body Works lotions (boo)
But actually Victoria's Secret body products are really great.  In fact I kind of like the result better.  It makes your skin really soft and silky.  No joke =O
It actually looks and feels equally good.  Only problem is that it does contain paraben among other things lol. 

Something that I really think is a treat for your body is Arbonne's body gele, but I think it might be a better product to use in the summer.  It's from their detoxifying line, but it's best used for sun damage.

Oh you know how I said you shouldn't just buy a product on how it smells?  The first body butter I bought was from got2b in 2 spabutta up body butter.  It smelled amazing.
It smelled of honey and almonds and milk.  It was definately something you'd want to put on your skin.  But this made me hate body butters for a long while and this product does contain paraben.

In the end no matter what moisturizer you choose, make sure you know what you want in the long run.  Also body butters are not supposed to feel like you just slathered on a layer of oil XD;;

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