November 10, 2010

Wet n Wild colour eyecon eye shadows review (lots of pics)

I've told myself that I don't need anymore eye shadows, but then again who am I kidding? XD
I've heard a lot of hype on things before and I've fallen into those traps before and I'm sure many of you have too right? ^^;
But these colours looked like they were actually usable for everyday looks.  I used to us very colourful looks, but now it seems inappropriate for my age XD

From left to right:
I actually thought I wasn't going to like vanity, because it reminded me of one of the Revlon colour stay's eyeshadow palette.  But actually seeing it in person, really changed my opinion. 

Note: Opening the palette, peel the sticker off first instead of opening it from the dotted line on the bottom.

I've been really wanting warm coloured eyeshadow, I've had bad experiences with them before, but that's because I think I wasn't very good at using them. I know cool colours I can only wear for events and things like that, because using them for everyday, they REALLLY stand out @__@;;

So like most of the palettes from this line, one side is matte and the other is shimmery/glittery. 
This one had actual glitter particles in the shadow and I was thinking oh great I'm not going to use that side at all, but you know what? Little to no fallout!

Here are the swatches of the Lust palette.  The last colour looks kind of un-pigmented because it kind of matched my skin XD;;

Next here is the Vanity palette. Like I mentioned before, I wasnt' going to get it, but when I saw the colours in person, the colours looked so much more appealing. 
I think I especially enjoy the shimmery side more.  The colour apply a lot softer and complement the eyes.  This palette is definitely great for someone who doesn't wear a lot of makeup, or has a modest style, but wants the option of looking dressy. 

Sorry for awkward angle, it was the only way the colours would show up nicely ^^;;
The matte colours are more sheer than the shimmer colours, but they definitely go on the eyes very pigmented. 
The other side are shimmers not glitter, this palette tends to be over all more wearable compared to the vanity palette.

The last one is nutty, I forgot to do swatches for this, but I think is a great all over colour.  It's shade is neutral, but deep enough to give your eyes a bit of definition.  Something unique about this shadow is do you see the green/blue/silver shimmer? 

Over all I'm very pleased with their eyeshadow range.  They are very nicely pigmented, the colours are very wearable and they have little to no fallout. 

I've also heard good stuff about their bronzers and blushes.  I think I might check that out ^__^


  1. Nice! Vanity looks really awesome. The dark fuchsia looks amazing btw. :3 Nutty looks like a very versatile eyeshadow too!

  2. haha after I saw you with that really warm eye look I was obsessed with getting some warm eyeshadows myself XD

  3. I think warm eyeshadow colors are awesome~ a little under rated if you know what I mean... Though, honestly I haven't ever tried anything with a green. I looove your Halloween looks! I wish I did some :p

  4. be careful of green, they look amazing on asians
    but I tend to get red eyes and green eyeshadow highlights it =/