March 10, 2011

Haul and a fail lol

The bay had one of their gift with purchases currently and they have some pretty nice things that I wanted to try out. 

I rememebered I had a conversation with my friend a while back and she meantioned that she loved Estee Lauder's Idealist pore minimizing skin refinisher.  I already love their advanced night time repair serum, so I did want to try something different, plus I plan to make my vitamin C serum for night time use anyways.  Though I kind of failed with that for now... lol

Anyways!  The "gift" came with:

mini advanced night repair serum

soft clean tender creme cleanser for dry skin

resilience lift extreme ultra firming creme spf 15

a eye shadow quad with a light peach, taupe, lavander, copper brown

lipstick in pink parfait

and a double wear eye pencil in  02 coffee

I did like their other cleansers and moisturizers. maybe these will be just as good. 

While I did do some research on vitamins and their chemical compounds and hwo our body digests and absorbs it.  I completely bought the wrong type of vitamin C today...I don't think it worked, but I can't say it didn't work...urghhhhh

I had gotten the C-complex which is wronnngggg
I need asorbic acid and vegetable glycerin and distilled water
Which surprisingly enough distilled water can be purchased in shoppers! XD who knew

Oh well at least my schooling has taught me that if you take vitamin C on a regular basis, it helps cells regrow?  X3 good to know huh?

Oh well I'm going to be taking this vitamin C powder and ingest it...can't say this tastes very good, but I know my body will thank me when summer rolls around!


  1. Omg! You got the Idealist! Yay! My mom got it for me on the way back from HK earlier this year. Makes my skin feel so soft 8D

    lol lol I think my mom wants me to buy her something today so she can get the gift with purchase~

  2. hrmm i don't know how I feel about it...

    I looked at the ingredients and it says it has dimethicone in it...
    =/ hrmmm