March 8, 2011

Review time!

So this is for my canadian girls!  I got these both at shoppers drug mart.  The one on top is life brand and I chose the one that was moisturizing for dry, brittle nales with vitamin E and aloe.  The one of the bottom is by Quo and it's the strengthening one. 

If I had to choose one, I definately pick the life one.  Not only is it cheaper, you need less to get the same job done.  Also for the quo I had to use 3-4 cotton pads to take off all my nail polish...not cool.

I get the cotton pads from costco the one that's rough on one side and smooth on the other, and it's not cheap!  I mean it's not super expensive either, but x___x come on, 3-4 cotton pads every time?

I never had that problem with the life brand.  Everything usually came off in 1-2 cotton pads. 

Needless to say I'm not getting this Quo nail polish remover again D=

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