March 8, 2011

Review time! ( StriVectin-SD )

So after my Arbonne eye creme ran out I needed another eye cream.  I've been watching reviews about StriVectin SD line and people really love it.  Packaging is very plain, it comes in a long sleek squeeze tube. 

Out of all the places I found it at Shopper's haha

I got the one that's 7.5% NIA - 114 + Peptide Actives.

On the box it says:

"We started with a goal. Create the most effective age-fighting eye product ever.  So we powered up the original StriVectin SD eye with more efficacious peptides, eye brighteners and soft focus light diffusers.  And we re-engineered the formulawith NIA-114, discovered in DNA skin cancer research to accelerate the rebuilding of skin layers."

Week 2
Energy increasing; dark circles and puffiness reducing

Week 4
Natural collagen renewing; firmness increasing

Week 8
Elasticity reinforcing; fine lines fading

Now I'm only up to week 3 ish and I have to say that I do see a difference but it's been slow.  At 2 weeks I didn't notice anything.  Though something I did notice that this is alot easier for my skin. 

The Arbonne eye creme, actually was too rich for my skin.  It did say it was for mature skin lol~
I was starting to develop small bumps that looked like mini white heads...which needless to say is gross looking.

Now they're almost gone and this new eye cream hasn't done anything to make it worse.

I have to say that I didn't expect this product to have brightening properties.  LOL  soft focus properties
So in other words, this isn't a miracle product and once you stop using it, you'll look like shit again.

Buuut I think I can live with that XD I mean I think the purpose of the brightening effect is so it looks like it's done it's job super fast for people who are impatient and want instant results.  But I'm going to week 8 and seeing if I actually see any results!

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