March 12, 2011

My sigma order experience (pic heavy)

I was pretty experience excited to see this in the mail =D

I think inexpensive brushes are great but I love the fact that this travel brush set has all of the essentials in one roll.

I'm going to keep loving my other brushes (until they give out =D) but I feel so much better knowing that I have everything I need and I can take it with me if I need to without over packing >=D

About the quality of theses brushes I'd have to say what everyone else says is true about how they're a major competetor of M.A.C. cosmetics brushes.  I'd have to say some of them are better than M.A.C. brushes. 

yes I've caved before and wanted some nice staple brushes, but when I felt them I was like D=... they don't compare to synthetic brushes.

Anywhoos, when I opened the package this is what I saw =) I liked how thoughtful they were.

I was even more surprised to see that they had included 2 gifts O__O;;

I was expecting one because the travel brush set I ordered comes in two variation so no matter which one you order you get the extra brush the set doesn't come with.  Which I thought was well thought out. 

Though because the other set was black I was supposed to get a black extra brush, but it was that I'm complaining, I'm glad that my whole set is pink now XD

The thing I wasn't expecting was the extra extra brush LOL

So the brush rolls out like this.  I'm not too crazy about the silvery pink and the fact that material is kind of cheap.  It feels like those 2 dollar purses you can find in those random stores, which falls apart on you in like a week.  Hrm...but I haven't heard anybody complain about the brush roll yet

But good thing that all of the face brushes come with guards to keep the shape wich was awesome =)

There was also a pamflet on the names and a description about the brush and what it's for
and I paired up what they said with each brush.

Large Powder - F30
Very dense with a rounded top.  Ideal to apply powder products on face and body. Natural bristles.

Duo fibre - F50
Specially designed to generate an "airbrushed" finish when used to apply liquid foundation. Blends of synthetic and natural bristles.

Large Angled Contour - F40
The angled shape makes this brush ideal to apply blush or contour shades. Natural Bristle.

Eye shading - E55
Soft and dense with a rounded finish. Can be used to apply pressed or loose eye shadows and pigments.  Natural bristles.

Pencil - E30
Precise application of colour on the crease, outer corner, upper and lower lash line.  Natural bristles.

Tapered Blending - E40
Rounded and tapered top.  Specially designed to apply and blend colour on the crease.  Natural bristles.

Concealer - F70
The rounded, tapered, flat shap makes this brush ideal to conceal under eye area.  Synthetic bristles.

Here is the extra extra brush XD haha
It's called the E25

There's no description of the brush but it's like a flatter version of the tapered blending brush.
Which I'm sure will be more usefull to me as a crease brush instead because the actual blending brush is too big for my eye liek my M.A.C. 224

Everybody I'd like to say that people from specialty cosmetic stores don't know everything about makeup application and especially how the makeup works on your skin.

Do your research online, read reviews and don't be afraid to try, because you never know.

My experience with M.A.C has always been bad if I need to ask them for advice.  The girl who recommended me the 224 for my first brush was the only good advice I ever got.

As a begginer, it was great.  It gave me good light dust of colour and faded out nicely, but I don't to that anymore.

Instead I use the 224 to spread my concealer.  I love it, airbrush finish XD good bye lines!


  1. finally your review XD i've been wondering when you'll write!
    how is the softness @_@!!!!!!
    please bring over and show me some time!!

  2. I am officially mad jealous of you! Wow that's a lot of brushes, omgggg share haha ♥

  3. XD hope I keep this streak up this time!

    Honestly this is my first good quality brush sets
    =) it wasn't that expensive either ^__^
    the travel brush is is a good investment!