March 19, 2011

haul ~

So Shoppers on No. 3 Road and Cambie in Richmond now carries Anna Sui O___O sayyy whaaat

okok they've been carrying Anna Sui for a while, but to be honest I was never really into that particular brand in makeup ^^;;

I don't know other than the packaging looked really super cute, I couldn't justify buying something if I knew there was something out there that was equal in quality and cheaper in price O_O

I mean the purpose of getting makeup is putting it on your face right? XD;;

but anywhoos here is something that caught my attention.

I've been wanting some multi functional products lately and I adooore that orange is the new spring colour ^____^ oooOOoohh

You combine them and you get this!

I'm super happy that I can finally justify buying something from Anna Sui XD
because their packaging is thhheee cutest I've ever seen lol

When I opened it I was so surpised, the details on the blush/contour was so pretty
It's not as scary as it looks though
the designs are just a spray overlay, meaning when you start using it, it goes away.

I wasn't expecting it because the tester didn't have any overlay XD

Something that really surprised me was that the brush that came with the product was actually super good quality O__O

I've heard that higher end brands like lancome or dior or channel will come out with good quality brushes too....hrmm I see the convenience when you're bringing that product out with you 

Pigmentation is great.
It's not spring yet so I'll wait until I can wear some sort of spring outfit with this blush XD


  1. i heard from some of the MUA
    that shu uemura + anna sui are great friends
    so actually shu uemura brushes are anna sui brushes but different pkg and the anna sui brushes cost less !

  2. we should totally go check it out XD haha
    but for now I'm actually set with my sigma brushes omg they're sooo good XD

  3. OMG you're so freaking lucky I love Anna Sui!

  4. OMG! That looks BEAUTIFUL!! Do I see a possible FOTD in the future?! LOL!

  5. @ emy I think I may have started a love affair with anna sui XD

    @ tao O__O oohhh I don't know if I'm good enough for it XD